Save the Date: IUG’s Fall Forum Festival Fridays are coming!


IUG is pleased to offer five different virtual forum opportunities on the five Fridays in October from 11am to 1pm & 1pm to 3pm (eastern time).

How much will this cost me? Zip, zero, zilch. IUG is hosting the forum festival at no additional charge to members.

What is it: 4 hours each Friday in October set aside for forums on various topics. The day will be split into two 2-hour sections (11am to 1pm & 1pm to 3pm): one for Polaris and one for Sierra/Millennium. 

When can I register? Now! Use the links below for the topics of interest. Note each topic has a separate link to the Polaris and Sierra/Millennium sessions.

Scheduled topics

October 15 Reporting/Statistics 

11am ET: Sierra  |  Submit a Question!
1pm ET: Polaris  |  Submit a Question!

October 22 Cataloging 

11am ET: Polaris |  Submit a Question!
1pm ET: Sierra  |  Submit a Question!

October 29 PAC/Discovery 

11am ET: Sierra |  Submit a Question!
1pm ET: Polaris  |  Submit a Question!

What is the format? Both sessions are following the typical IUG forum format. Join us to share information, ideas, tips and tricks, challenges, and best practices.

How can I be involved? Great question! Volunteer to be a forum leader or forum recorder here. IUG is looking for 1 forum leader and 1 forum recorder per session to make this a success—an IUG steering committee member will run each session. The forum leader will collect questions prior to the meeting and, if needed, guide the discussion of the session. Forum recorders will take down notes/recap the forum discussion to be posted to the IUG website. Sign up here to volunteer as a forum leader or forum recorder

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.