How to Join

Any library which owns an Innovative Interfaces, Inc. system or which has purchased ERM or Encore may join the Innovative Users Group. Membership is for the institution, not individual librarians. For Consortia, individual librarys can purchase their own membership if they'd like a direct vote on IUG issues.

All New and Renewing Memberships starting July 1, 2023 will have an updated pricing structure below:

  • Small Libraries – $110
    • Academic libraries with collections up to 200,000 volumes/items.
    • All other library types with collections up to 100,000 volumes/items.
  • Medium Libraries – $125
    • Academic libraries with collections between 200,001 and 1,000,000 volumes/items.
    • All other library types with collections between 100,001 and 500,000 volumes/items.
  • Large Libraries – $150
    • Academic libraries with collections of over 1,000,000 volumes/items.
    • Other library types with collections of over 500,000 volumes/items.
  • Consortia – $220
    • Organizations representing more than 1 library.
    • Membership allows staff from all member libraries to have a website login.

Organization size is self-reported when signing up or renewing. If you’re unable to locate your collection size, the library’s profile on: might be helpful. Libraries can also create a free profile on that site to update any erroneous information.

This fee structure was based on member feedback and announced in February of 2022.

How to join

  1. Determine your membership plan size (see above)
  2. Fill out the membership application.
  3. You'll be placed in a pending member status and will be notified once your membership is approved.

How to renew

  1. The site contact and the billing email listed for the site contact will get several email reminders prior to the renewal date.
    1. Use this form to find or update the Site Contact.
  2. Anyone linked to the organization record can pay the membership dues online.
    1. You can reset your password if you are unable to login.
    2. You can click on the invoice number in the billing area to print invoices and send payment via check.
  3. You'll also be prompted to renew past due memberships when accessing member only areas.
  4. Prior to your membership expiration, you may see options for optionally renewing when registering for events.

Benefits of Membership

Your library’s annual membership fee offers the following benefits.

  • Ability to subscribe and contribute to various IUG forums
  • Membership is per institution, no need to pay for every staff member
  • Access to online Proceedings and program materials of the IUG Annual Meeting
  • Eligible to register for the annual conference for all staff of member libraries
  • Opportunity to serve as a team member to help review and shape suggestions for product development and enhancements
  • Site contact has one vote pertaining to IUG, a non-profit corporation
  • Access to the IUG Clearinghouse Forum, which is a repository of locally developed resources such as tutorial, scripts promotional materials, and training documents
  • Periodic emails detailing the group’s services and upcoming events.

How do I find out if my institution is a member of the IUG?

  1. Try logging into the membership area, resetting your password if needed.
  2. Fill out this form if you are unable to login or have additional questions.