Members of the IUG Steering Committee have been watching the response to the terrible injustice done in Minneapolis, a city that the IUG community knows well.  We are concerned about the many inequalities and the violence happening against Black people and others across this country.

The IUG Steering Committee would like to add its voice on behalf of the IUG community condemning racism and violence against Black people and all people of color in our country and across the world.  IUG is an inclusive organization that recognizes the rights of all individuals and we support the fight against racism and the need for social justice.

We would also like to acknowledge that a statement alone does not resolve institutional racism.  We, the members of the steering committee, are committed to finding ways to make IUG a more inclusive organization and when possible take proactive and preventative measures against racism.

The IUG Steering Committee



To influence the development and improvement of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. products

The Innovative Users Group was founded in 1991 as an international organization of member libraries who used the Innovative Interfaces, Inc integrated library software. It is an independent organization from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

The IUG is led by the Steering Committee whose members are elected by the general membership. It consists of a Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Past Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and five Members at Large. All members of the Steering Committee volunteer their services to the organization.

We have grown quite a bit since our first conference but as always our mission remains as it is stated in the Bylaws:

  • Serve as a forum to influence the development and improvement of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. products for the benefit of IUG members
  • Foster and improve relationships and communication among members, and between members and Innovative Interfaces
  • Gather and disseminate information on the use of III products among the users of the systems

Further details on the IUG and its membership are available through its Bylaws.

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FirstIUGConferenceFirst Annual IUG Conference Oakland, CA - April 1993