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Suppressed items showing up in OPAC

We have an issue with suppressed items still showing in the OPAC despite suppressing both the item and bib for the item. Is there any other way to get them to not show? Thank you. adeluca1@nova.edu...
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E-commerce Link - Comment2 data to PayPal Missing When Donation (vs. Fine Paid)

For those of you using e-commerce LINK product, you may know (only learned from this listserv, nothing in the III documentation) that in the PayPal report, what shows in the comment1 field is either "f" or "d" to note whether fine...
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Logo Size in Encore

We just updated our version of Encore and now the logo for Melcat is too big. It is located in the Refine by menu on the left under "Other Sources". I can not figure out where this is controlled so I can either resize it or replace it with...
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Importing barcodes to Review Files

Hello! I have looked through not only the Clearinghouse, but also the listserv Archives in my quest to understand how to do this. We are going to deselect some thousands of items and would like to load barcodes into a review file. We currently use M...
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WAM and NexisUni

Has anyone successfully set up WAM authentication to Nexis Uni? I've added these to the forward table: http://www.nexisuni.com *.advance.lexis.com *.signin.lexisnexis.com When I try to access http://0-www.nexisuni.com.ignacio.usfca.edu, I...
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IUG Election voting ends Friday

Voting for the IUG Steering Committee election ends this Friday, in 2 days! If you are your library's site contact and have not yet voted, please do! If you are not the site contact, please check with the person who is and ask if they have voted; if ...
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Bibliotheca 3M™ Bookcheck Unit Model 943 and Sierra Web

Does this 943 model with built-in scanner function well with SierraWeb? Has anyone tried? I'm assuming it works well with Sierra SDA. With existing ancient scanner/desensitizing unit we can switch from using the Sierra SDA software to SierraWeb (o...
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Hello, We are a public library that is part of a consortium, and were just introduced to icode1 as a possible indicator field to use to pull internal circulation statistics. We have a few media collections in mind to keep track of. However, we ...
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Automated Authority Control (AACP) does not update indicators

When subject authorities are changed to name authorities, we add the original 650 data into the 450 in a new authority record. The bib 650s updated BUT their indicators do not. Example: a15740183 1001 Andrews, Archie|c(Fictitious character) 450 A...
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Materials Booking: would transit / hold slips improve your workflow?

Hello, I submitted an Idea Lab suggestion for Materials Booking that did not receive any votes. Just before the survey closed Innovative asked if I knew of any other libraries that might benefit from the suggestion. So - feel free to email me (of...
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RE: Your Innovative Users Group - Test password reset request

Hi there, The verification code is not working, so I cannot complete the survey. Thanks for any assistance you can offer, Melani -----Original Message----- From: Innovative Users Group [mailto:discussions@innovativeusers.org] Sent: Decemb...
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IUG 2019 Announcement and Information

Hi Everyone: The IUG steering committee is pleased to announce that IUG 2019 will be held at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel in Phoenix, AZ on Monday, May 6th to Wednesday, May 8th, 2019. The pre-conference will be held Sunday, May 5th, 2019. htt...
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Struggling to get started with Sierra api

I have been struggling with getting started with the Sierra api, even the basic tutorial. My developer account has been approved, and I have active access keys on my Sierra Admin App account which I have tried refreshing. I make access tokens per the...
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Limit / sort broken

Hi, We're on Sierra 3.3 and use webpac. We've had an issue that we've known about since we went to 3.2 back in the summer, where doing an index browse (title, author, subject) and then trying to use the "Limit/Sort" page doesn't work. Wh...
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APIs to query bibliographic records with Syndetics Unbound book jacket images

Hello, Our library is developing a new website and would like to develop carousels on our web pages that point to Encore bibliographic records. We plan to use Sierra APIs to do this, but we are struggling with how to display the book jacket covers....
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Default back to basic search

Hi all, Before I enter in a support ticket, I thought I'd ask here. Is there a wwwoption or any other way to default a failed search back to the basic search page rather than the advanced search? We just implemented some scoping, and an unintend...
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Cash handling system

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is using something other than EnvisionWare Staff Register as part of your cash handling system. Or if you are using Envisionware, I would appreciate feedback on that as well. Thank you! kristin@nhfpl.org...
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Problem with Statement of Checked-out Items notice

I posted this on the Sierra List yesterday. I'm hoping someone can, if not suggest a solution, at least confirm whether or not they see the same behavior. We want to use the Statement of Checked-out Items notice to email all our library staff mem...
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IUG Steering Committee Elections now open

Hi everyone, This morning the ballot for the IUG Steering Committee elections for 2018-2019 was sent to all site contacts. The candidates are all listed here: http://innovativeusers.org/index.php/about/iug-2018-candidate-nominations.html. Please ur...
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Radical new idea? The third indicator

I have a "radical new" idea (probably someone has thought of this before, but I've never heard anyone mention it. Why not have, in the III local version of the bib record, a third indicator for every variable length field that would be &quo...

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