2006 IUG Conference FAQ

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Q. When is the conference?
A. The conference begins Friday, May 19, 2006 and runs through Monday, May 22, 2006. The new users pre-conference and the Innovative training workshops will be held on Friday, May 19, with the main conference held Saturday, May 20 to Monday, May 22.

Q. Where will the conference be held?
A. The 2006 IUG conference will be held in Denver, Colorado at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center.

Q. How do I get there?
A. The hotel is located approximately 30 minutes away by car from the Denver International Airport. More information on airport to hotel transportation is provided via the IUG Transportation page, or via the Denver Local Arrangements website .

Q. I’m a vendor. How can I get information about exhibiting at IUG?
A. Contact our conference manager, Patricia Jones at pia@icmevents.com.

Q. Will there be Internet access to check email?
A. Yes. There will be a small area with workstations set aside for attendees to use to check email. The workstations will have time management software to help limit users to 15-minute sessions. In addition, each hotel room is provided with free internet access.

Q. Will pads, pens be provided?
A. At IUG 2005 a notebook and pen were included in the goodie bag given away to conference attendees but this is not always the case.

Q. If I still have questions after reading this FAQ, who should I contact?
A. Contact Cheryl Gowing, IUG Chair, at cgowing@miami.edu with any additional questions.



Q. What are the rates for registering for the conference?
A. Conference rates are available on the IUG website at: http://innovativeusers.org/ocs/prev_confs/IUG2006/reg-rates.pdf

Q. How do I register?
A. Conference registration will open on Monday, January 30, 2006. The Conference registration process will be entirely online. If you are a non-member, contact Kathy O’Gorman, IUG Financial Consultant, at Kathy@innovativeusers.org for more information. If you aren't sure if your library is an IUG member, check the roster online at http://www.innovativeusers.org/iug-members (login and password required)

Q. What is my site code?
A. The site code is the code that Innovative Interfaces uses to refer to its customers. It is not the same as your IUG membership number. If you don't know your site code, contact your site coordinator or the Innovative Help Desk.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Conference registration fees can be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or check. No purchase orders or Electronic Transfer of Funds are accepted.

Q. How do I register for the pre-conference or the half-day workshops?
A. You can register for the new users pre-conference or the half-day training workshops when you register for the main conference.

Q. Can I sign up for both the new users pre-conference and Innovative's half-day workshops?
A. The pre-conference and half-day workshops will be presented at the same time, so it really isn't possible to do both.

Q. What if I forget to sign up for something when I register?
A. Please e-mail Kathy O'Gorman, Kathy@innovativeusers.org, with your registration number and a description the changes to be made.  She will contact you to confirm the changes.

Q. Can I get on a waiting list for the half-day workshops if they are already full when I register?
A. Yes, the conference registration site will provide instructions on how to get on a waiting list.

Q. My institution can't get a check cut by the early bird deadline. Can I still register at the early bird rate?
A. Yes. You must complete the online registration form on or before the deadline to qualify for early bird rates even if the check will not arrive until after that date. Your registration will be pending until payment is received and processed.

Q. I am presenting a program. Do I have to register?
A. Everyone, including presenters, attending the conference must register. Presenters for the main conference programs pay for the main conference at the early bird rate. People presenting a program at the new users pre-conference do not have to register or pay for the pre-conference.

Q. Can I register for just one day of the conference?
A. There is no one day registration fee or process. The fees listed on the Conference Registration Rates page are the only fees that apply for this conference. The exception is the pre-conference only registration.

Q. Will I receive a badge in the mail?
A. No, you will pick up your badge and other conference information at the registration desk. Information about registration hours will be e-mailed shortly before the conference.

Q. How do I know if I am registered?
A. When you finish your online registration, you will receive an e-mail indicating that you completed the registration process. If you believe that you have completed the registration steps and do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, contact Kathy O’Gorman, IUG Financial Consultant, at Kathy@innovativeusers.org

Q. How do I find my library’s membership number?
A. Check the current IUG membership roster at http://www.innovativeusers.org/iug-members

Q. Is it possible to substitute a new person for someone who is already registered?
A. Yes.  Contact Kathy O’Gorman, IUG Financial Consultant, at Kathy@innovativeusers.org with the new person's name, e-mail address and confirmation number of the record of the person being replaced. 

Q. Who should I contact if I have other questions about registration?
A. Contact Kathy O’Gorman, IUG Financial Consultant, at Kathy@innovativeusers.org

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. Written requests for refunds for the main conference must be postmarked or electronically submitted by May 5, 2006, 8:00PM EST. There is a $15 handling fee for cancellation of main conference attendance.

Send in writing to: Kathy O’Gorman, IUG Financial Consultant, PO Box 15080, Cincinnati, OH 45215-0080

Or electronically to: Kathy@innovativeusers.org (a confirming response will be sent)

Pre-conference or meal functions may be cancelled in writing or electronically by May 5, 2006 8:00PM EST with no penalty. No phone cancellations accepted. Refunds will be issued after May 31, 2006.


Q. What is the difference between the pre-conference and the half-day workshops?
A. The “New Users Pre-conference” is a series of short programs on Innovative basics, geared to new staff. The format is the same as that of the main conference. Space is limited to 300 attendees. The half-day workshops presented by Innovative focus on specific aspects of the system and will be limited to 250 people per workshop.

Q. Who should come to the new users pre-conference?
A. The “New Users Pre-conference” is designed for staff at libraries that have implemented Innovative systems within the last two years. New staff members at older existing sites also find it useful for Innovative Basics.

Q. Will there be half-day workshops this year?
A. Yes. There will be two half-day workshops.

  • INN-Reach Under the Hood (May 19, 2006 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)
    • Target audience: Local System Administrators and other staff who work with the INN-Reach product at the local system level.
    • While INN-Reach is easy for both patrons and staff to use, there are many details that make INN-Reach a very rich and sophisticated product. This workshop is designed to give library staff using INN-Reach greater knowledge about the inner-workings of the product. Details of the Union Catalog and Resource Sharing will be presented and analyzed.
  • Disaster Recovery Seminar (May 19, 2006 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
    • Know what you need to do to prepare for a disaster before one happens. We will discuss preparations for different types of disasters, such as a fire, hurricane, flooding, or hardware failure. We will also review what to do when the unthinkable happens and the library finds itself in the midst of a disaster scenario. What are the first steps? Once the most critical and immediate responses have been made, then what? We'll look at recovery, service continuity, and other issues involved in getting the library back to full functionality, focusing on how Innovative's software can assist with this process.


Q. Is there a space limit on the half-day workshop?
A. Yes. Space is limited to 250 participants. Names will be placed on a waiting list for those who register after the workshop is filled.

Meals & Social Events:

Q. What meals are included in registration?
A. The only meal included with conference registration is the all conference luncheon, which will be held on Sunday, May 21. Refreshments will be available during morning and afternoon breaks. Breakfasts are not included. Lunch is not included in registration for the Friday events.

Q. When is the all-conference luncheon?
A. The luncheon will be held on Sunday, May 21 and is open to all attendees, including vendors and Innovative staff.

Q. Will there be Birds of a Feather seating at the all-conference luncheon?
A. With the number of conference attendees at over 1,600, the logistics of organizing marked tables and getting people to those tables quickly becomes nightmarish. We can only put 10 people around one table. This, coupled with the noise level makes this unwieldy. If you really want to meet during the all-conference lunch, we encourage small groups to gather outside the lunch room and find a table together.

Q. How do I sign up for the Public Library lunch or the Law Library lunch?
A. Pre-registration is required for these lunches. You can sign up for them as part of your conference registration. The Law Library lunch is limited to members of the Innovative Law Users Group.

Q. Why is the Law Library lunch less expensive than the Public Library lunch?
A. The Innovative Law Users Group is partially subsidizing the cost of the luncheon for their members.

Q. Will there be a big reception this year?
A. Innovative will be hosting the opening reception Saturday, May 20. It is open to all conference attendees. Please be sure to wear your conference badge.

Q. Are there any other receptions?
A. Innovative will also be hosting invitation-only receptions for users at new sites and international users.


Q. How do I get the IUG conference rate at the hotel?
A. A special online registration page and phone reservation number have been set up for our conference. Do not use the national phone or web registration system for the Hyatt, as these will not have our conference dates and rates. Please visit the IUG 2006 Hotel Information page for more details and links to the IUG hotel reservation page.

Q. What do I do if the conference hotel is already full?
A. This year the hotel should accommodate our entire group. If you are told the hotel is full, contact our conference manager, Patricia Jones, at pia@icmevents.com.

Q. How do I cancel my hotel reservation if I need to?
A. Call the hotel and cancel as soon as you know that you will not be using your reserved room.

Q. Who do I talk to if I have problems or questions about housing?
A. Contact our conference manager, Patricia Jones, at pia@icmevents.com


Q. What types of programs will be offered?
A. The main conference program includes approximately 132 one-hour sessions presented by IUG members or Innovative staff. Program formats vary and in the past have included panel discussions, single or multiple presenter sessions and open discussion forums.

Q. Will handouts be available?
A. Program materials will only be available online. They will be available on the IUG website in a password protected section approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the conference. Registered attendees will be notified when they are available for you to review. We encourage you to use these materials to help narrow down your choice of programs to attend as well as use them as a resource after you return home from Denver.

Q. Where are the handouts for programs presented by Innovative staff?
A. Innovative staff will again provide outlines, if not full powerpoints, of their presentation content on CSDirect approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the conference. The completed program materials will be available on CSDirect, generally within a week or so following the conference. Timing may vary, so please allow some flexibility.

Q. When will the preliminary program be available?
A. The preliminary program will be available when the 2nd program survery begins, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 20, 2006.

Q. Is it too late to propose a program?
A. Yes. The deadline for proposing programs has passed. If you have a topic you want to discuss or information you wish to share, we suggest that you sign up for a Birds of a Feather session or propose a Poster Session.

Q. What are “Birds of a Feather” sessions?
A. Birds of a Feather (or BoF) are informal sessions organized by conference attendees interested in topics that may not be included in the conference program or to discuss something covered in a formal program. Sign up sheets will be available near the Registration Desk and space has been allocated to give groups a place to meet. BoF sessions will not formally be part of our all conference luncheon, but we encourage you to consider gathering outside the ballroom and sitting together to use that time for a discussion.

Q. What are Poster Sessions?
A. Poster Sessions are graphical representations of practices or enhancements made by users to their III systems. Presenters will spend a designated time at their exhibits to answer questions and otherwise confer with attendees. Guidelines will be provided.

Q. Who do I contact with other program questions?
A. Contact Corey Seeman, IUG Vice-Chair and 2006 Program Chair, at cseeman@bus.umich.edu

Non-IUG Member Registration:

If your library or institution is not a member of the  Innovative Users Group, contact Kathy O'Gorman, IUG  Financial Consultant, kathy@innovativeusers.org, for more information.

Send comments to: cgowing@miami.edu

Last updated March 9, 2006