Twelfth Annual
Innovative Users Group Conference

April 2-5, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts

Alphabetical List of Programs
Note: Programs Highlighted in Yellow are Presented by Innovative Staff


Program Title


Acquisitions and Cataloging Combined: Using Vendor Services and OCLC PromptCat K7
Acquisitions Data for Collection Development H1, N2
Acquisitions Forum L6
Ask the Circ Experts A3
Associate Libraries – The In’s and Out’s K11
Authority Control Using Millennium C1, P9
Automated Storage & Retrieval System & the Link to III E7
Batch Loading Electronic Journals Metadata with Electronic Resources Management (ERM) E4, P4
Better, Faster, Easier: Using Style Sheets with the Web OPAC E8, J11
Blackboard *AND* Electronic Reserves – Access, Service, and Copyright Compliance I1
Breaking the Sophomore Jinx: Electronic Reserves: Issues and Opportunities in a Module’s 2nd Year on Campus N6
Building a Business Case for Web Site Upgrades P11
Can a Public Library and a University Library Coexist Within One Shared Online System? F7
Cataloging and OCLC: New Developments E10, H8
Circulation and the Truth About Customer Service D1, M7
Circulation Forum – Checkout, Checkin, Holds, Recalls, Claim Returns, In Transit K2
Circulation Forum – Circ Notices, Report Collection, Reserves, Financial Functions L2
Collaborating with III, Yankee Book Peddler and OCLC PromptCat to Maximize Technical Services Efficiencies at Record Load F6
The Color of Money: Running Fiscal Close and Moving Financial Functions Into MilAcq A1, J2
Connecting With Datatel, Account Holds and Fine Collection I5
Creative Create Lists for Booklists and More... B1, E1, L3
Creative Uses of Course Reserves F5
Customizing Search Forms Using Javascript F4, P6
Electronic Resource Management Development Update O8
Electronic Resources Management: From Development to Implementation F2, M5
Enhancements General Update Forum G4, O2
Enhancing Bibliographic Records with Value Added Information From Online Bookstores G7
Enhancing Create Lists with Expect and Perl G2, N1
Enterprise Solutions: LDAP, Shibboleth, WebCT and Blackboard P10
Financial Report Overview K10
The Five Top Technology Trends G10, L8
FRBR: the Future of the Library Catalog G1, L1
Full Journal Access Through the OPAC E3, M3
Get Ready! Get Set! Electronic Reserves for Beginners J5
Getting the Most from MetaFind K4
How Can We Help? – Innovative Services G11
How MilStat Saved the Arts...and My Arse: Using MilStat for Accreditation Reports E5
Implementing OpenURL and Cross-Database Searching Using WebBridge and MetaFind J1, O4
Index Your World in a CID F3
INN-Reach Advanced O11
INN-Reach Basics M11
INN-Reach Enhancements, Part 1 H7
INN-Reach Enhancements, Part 2 I7
Institutional Repositories: Meeting the Challenge L11
Integrating Digital and Traditional Libraries – the Role of the XML Harvester G6, O5
Into the Wild Inventory with PDA I6, O3
Inventory Tips and Tricks K5
IUG Clearinghouse H4, P5
Keeping Circulation Staff Across District Up to Speed: Using Print, Electronic and Human Resources E6
Know Your Web OPAC: A Tour Under the Hood D3
Knowing Where They’re Going: Counting Field 856 Click-Throughs in the OPAC E2, P1
Load Profile Training Update and Forum K3
Managing Holds in Busy Public Libraries G5, P3
Media Management and XML in Millennium F11
MetaFind Development Update N10
Millennium Acquisitions Development Update J9
Millennium Cataloging Development Update F8, M9
Millennium Circulation – Serving Patrons H11
Millennium Circulation Development Update F9, P8
Millennium Interlibrary Loan and OCLC at the Grinnell College Libraries P7
Millennium Statistics D2, G8, J8
Millennium Statistics – Working with Order Records H10
Millennium Workflows: A Modern Approach to Tech Services Workflow I9, N8
My Millennium: News and the Introduction of E-Commerce L10
The National Institutes of Health Library WebOPAC Redesign and Customization L7
A New View of Subjects in INNOPAC/WebPAC: Recommendations of the Subject Analysis Committee J4
Next Release Development Update H9, M8
Next-Generation E-Journal Management: New Tools for One-Stop Shopping and Seamless Linking H2, L4
OCLC PromptCat Users Forum N7
Oracle Development Update E11
Output Accounting Information: Using Innovative’s Accounting Interface for Sending Invoice Data to the Finance Office E9
Planning for Growth: How to Project System Growth to Support New Functionality I8
Playing with “Matches”: Using Regular Expressions to Light Up Create Lists K1, M1
Preparing for the III System: Setting Up Your Keyword Searching Profile and Testing It During the Evaluation Period B3
Printing Outside the Box: Handling Your Special Printing Needs I4, M6
Public Library Consortium Forum N3
Public Library Forum J6
Reaching Your Goal for 3M Self Check, or How 85% Became My Favorite Number N4
Regional Users Group Roundtable K6
Reports from Create Lists Using Reportster, the Microsoft Access Report Maker I2, P2
Requesting and Paging in a Reference Library J7
Serials Forum H5
Service Issues Forum N5
So Many Trainees, so Little Time: Building Customized Online Training Tools for Your Millennium System C3, G3, M2
Staff Training and Millennium: How to Implement a Program F1, O1
Strategies for Recovering Data OR Ooops … What Do We Do Now? H6, M4
System Changes: What Innovative Can Do to Fine Tune Your Millennium System F10, N9
Systems Administration on a Mature System K8
Systems Forum O6
Tap the Power of AVS H3
Tips & Tricks for Efficiency in Millennium Serials B2, G9, K9
A Tour Through the Documentation A2, N11
Trainers’ Forum I3
Troubleshooting Your System Problems J10
Using Perl to Automate and Customize Lists and Reports J3, O7
Using Statistics to Drive Management Planning L9, O9
Using the Rewrite Proxy Server and Multiple IP Product L5
Web OPAC Development Update I10
WebBridge Development Update M10
Wireless Solutions O10
Working with CSDirect C2, I11

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