Eleventh Annual
Innovative Users Group Conference

April 25-28, 2003
San Jose, California

Guidelines for Session Recorders

The Innovative Users Group will prepare online proceedings from the Eleventh Annual IUG Conference in San Jose. Volunteer recorders will attend sessions presented by IUG members and summarize the sessions in notes that are then included in the proceedings.

What You Need to Do:

Before the Session:

Contact the program coordinator and introduce yourself, by email in advance or in person at the conference. Make sure you know how to contact each other. We won't be distributing printed handouts this year, so there should be nothing to collect onsite.

Formatting of Summary:

Leah Black (blackl@mail.lib.msu.edu) is matching up volunteers with sessions to be recorded. Check her list of sessions to see which ones still need to be matched.

Sessions presented by Innovative Interfaces staff are not included in the IUG Proceedings, but program materials will be available on CS Direct following the conference.

last updated October 19, 2008