IUG 2003

Birds of a Feather Sessions

IUG "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) discussion/brainstorming sessions enable you to meet other Innovative users with similar interests to discuss topics not included in the program -- or to talk in depth about program topics. The sky's the limit in terms of possible Innovative-related topics. Sessions from past years included:

Two rooms are reserved throughout the San Jose conference for BoF sessions -- or you can schedule yours at a local eating or drinking establishment. What would YOU like to discuss with colleagues in San Jose? Please use the form at http://www.rodmanlibrary.org/iug/bof.htm to initiate a BoF session and you will receive a confirming e-mail.

Look here to see if any of your special interests are already planned -- if not, please complete this form to set a time to talk about your favorite (or least favorite!) Innovative topic!!

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Last updated Marcy 18, 2003