IUG 2002
Report of the Tenth Annual Meeting

Table of Contents

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2002-2003 IUG Steering Committee
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Program Title
Advanced Keyword Index and Searching
Applying Project Management Techniques to a Library Automation Project
Ask the Circulation Experts!
Authority Control of Subject Headings : Do it Yourself!
Banner Financials and Innopac: An Implementation Entertainment
Basic List Creation
BEFORE Create Lists; or, Finding Elusive Information in Your Library Database
Beginning with Millennium Circulation
Beta Tales: Beta Testing the New Web Access Management
Beta Testing MAP for Innovative
Choosing and Testing Your Indexing Profile
Circulation Forum - Part 1
Circulation Forum - Part 2
Creative Uses of Locally Constructed Load Profiles
Custom Forms and JavaScript in Innovative's WebPAC: Improved Functionality You Can Build Yourself
Distance Learning Forum
Engineering Connections, Creating a Consortium
Getting Data In/Out of Innovative: ASP, Access, and EndNote
How the IUG Works for You
How to Kiss Your Old System Goodbye and Say Hello to Millennium
Implementation of Z39.50 Copy Cataloging and Changes in Cataloging Workflow
Innopac to PEOPLESOFT Interface: the SCU Experience
INN-Reach Chat
INN-Reach Enhancements Discussion
Inventory in a Public Library
The IUG Enhancements Process : an Open Forum for Update and Feedback
Loan Rule Audit
Making Form/Genre Work
Managing Electronic Reserve in a Consortial Environment
MARC Holdings in Millennium Serials: Standards & Local Implementation
"Mid-life Crisis" of an INNOPAC System: Re-evaluating Workflow and the Use of your Innopac System
Migrating From Innovative's Text-Based System To Millennium Circulation
Migrating to Millennium Serials - It Doesn't Have to be Painful!
Millennium Acquisitions: Implementing the Recommendations Interface
Millennium Create Lists
Millennium Login Manager: Setup, Options, Preferences, and Management
Millennium Serials Open Forum
Nuts, Bolts, Shoe Strings, and Image Management
OPAC Magic 2: Pushing the Limits Again
The Password Authentication File: It's a Numbers Game
Post-Load Profile Training Open Forum
Public LibraryForum
Regional Users Groups Roundtable
Running Fiscal Close - and Loving It
Service Issues Open Forum
Setting Up Unicode in Your Innovative System
Simplifying Your Life with FTS
System Management Forum
System Management: Inheriting the Innovative System
System Migration Challenges: INN-Reach, RLIN and OCLC
Using "Analyze Patron Searches" Reports
Using Innopac and EAD to Organize the American Orchid Society Digital Orchid Library
Using Innovative's Authority Control Reports
Using the Serials Interface for More than Just Serials
Web Access Management in a Consortium Environment: Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks
The Well-Tended System: Keeping Your Innovative System Clean and Tidy
What To Do When the Lights Go Out: Closing a Branch Library Location
WWWoptions for Libraries That Share
XYZ of AVS - Implementing Advanced Keyword Searching

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