IUG 2002

Report of the Tenth Annual Meeting

April 27-30, 2002
Houston, Texas

Index of Presenters and Reporters

Table of Contents
2002-2003 IUG Steering Committee
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- A -

Rich Aldred, Coordinator/Presenter F6

Barb Anderson, Coordinator/Presenter I3/Q4

Katrina Anderson, Presenter A2/M6, H1, and J4

Tim Auger, Presenter P5

- B -

David A. Badertscher, Reporter K1

Wendy Baia, Reporter E4/L2

Jenny Baker, Reporter E3/O3 and G5/Q3

Elaine Bean, Reporter K2/P2

Chris Benson, Coordinator/Presenter E4/L2

Alice Bertini, Presenter N5

Linda Bills, Presenter K2/P2

Harvey Brenneise, Coordinator/Presenter L5

Carol Brigham, Presenter K3 and L3; and Reporter H3

Georgia Briscoe, Reporter L6/O5

Diana Brooking, Co-author G2

Jan Brumm, Reporter D3 and N1

Heidi Bruss, Presenter C2, K3 and L3; and Reporter C2

June Buchanan, Reporter I2

Wayne Burton, Presenter G2

- C -

Sandra Card, Coordinator/Presenter E2

Matt Ciszek, Presenter M4

Judith Clark, Presenter K2/P2

Laurel Cochrane, Presenter O4

Sue Cody, Coordinator/Presenter H3

Anita Cook, Coordinator/Presenter P5; and Presenter & Reporter H6/I4

Sheila Corman, Coordinator/Presenter B4/N6

Emalee Craft, Coordinator/Presenter M5

Janet Crum, Coordinator/Presenter D2/N4

John Culshaw, Coordinator/Presenter K4

Carla Davis Cunningham, Presenter L6/O5

Patricia J. Cutright, Coordinator/Presenter/Reporter M3

- D -

Laurie Davidson, Presenter E3/O3 and L4

Diana Davis, Reporter F2

Barbara J. Dean, Reporter K5 and M5

- E -

Lynette Erhardt, Reporter F5/K6

Nicholas Eshelman, Reporter B3/J3/P1 and E2

- F -

Nancy Fleck, Presenter L5

Ted Fons, Presenter I1, K1 and M2/N2

Charlotte Frazier, Presenter E2

- G -

Fred Gertler, Coordinator/Presenter F2 and H4

Anne Gililand, Reporter P5

Jim Gingery, Presenter K5

Cliff Glaviano, Coordinator/Presenter D1

Susan Goldner, Presenter A2/M6

Cheryl Gowing, Coordinator/Presenter F5/K6 and M4; and Presenter E1/O1

Betsy Graham, Presenter F6, G6, K3, L3 and N3

Richard Guajardo, Reporter K4

Carol Gyger, Presenter N3

- H -

Arlene Hanerfeld, Coordinator/Presenter I1

Nancy Helmick, Coordinator/Presenter P6; Presenter K3 and L3; and Reporter P6, J4

Kristen Hewitt, Presenter E3/O3 and N3

Beth Hodgson, Reporter G6

Sue Hostetler, Coordinator/Presenter O4

Judy Humphreys, Presenter A2/M6; and Reporter A3

- J-

Lynnette Jack, Reporter O6

Margaret Jasinski, Reporter E1/O1 and N3

Karen Johnson, Coordinator/Presenter H1; Presenter A2/M6; and Reporter D2/N4, E6

Richard Jost, Coordinator/Presenter/Reporter L1

- K -

Dana Kemp, Presenter D3, G5/Q3, and H2

Katherine Kott, Presenter A2/M6 and J4

Barbara Kriigel, Coordinator/Presenter D3, G5/Q3, and H2

- L -

Grace Lee, Reporter L4

Eileen Llona, Presenter M5

Wen-ying Lu, Presenter M2/N2

Lynne D. Lysiak, Reporter H1 and L5

- M -

Eileen Mathias, Coordinator/Presenter P3

Mike McClellan, Coordinator/Presenter C2, K3 and L3

John McCullough, Presenter F1/Q1 and G4/O2

Jennifer Merrill, Coordinator/Presenter J4; and Presenter A2/M6

David Miller, Presenter I2; and Reporter A1/F3

Pamela A. Mofjeld, Coordinator/Presenter/Reporter G2

Mary Ann Moran, Presenter O4

Peter Murray, Coordinator/Presenter G4/O2; and Presenter A2/M6

- N -

Nancy Nathanson, Coordinator/Presenter H6/I4

Elizabeth Nichols, Reporter F6

- O -

Paul Orkiszewski, Reporter B2/E5

Kriss Ostrom, Coordinator C2, K3 and L3

Berniece M. Owen, Coordinator/Presenter B2/E5

Ruth Owopetu, Coordinator/Presenter E6

- P -

Donna Packer, Reporter I1 and M2/N2

Jill Palmer, Presenter A1/F3 and C2

Howard Pasternack, Coordinator/Presenter K2/P2

John Peacock, Presenter H4

Lois Perkins, Reporter K3 and L3

Karen Perone, Coordinator/Presenter A2/M6

Dan Pfohl, Coordinator/Presenter J1 and Presenter H3

Hardy Pottinger, Coordinator/Presenter F1/Q1

Theresa Preuit, Coordinator/Presenter G6; and Reporter I3/Q4, P3

- R -

Donna R.R. Resetar, Reporter H5

Peggy Richard, Presenter G6

Barbara Ritchie, Coordinator/Presenter M2/N2

Shirley J. Roberts, Presenter M3

James Robin, Coordinator/Presenter B3/J3/P1

Carolyn Rokke, Coordinator/Presenter N3; and Reporter O4

Gina Roth, Coordinator/Presenter L4

- S -

Bonnie Sanguinet, Reporter G4/O2

Eileen Santos, Presenter E6

Stephanie Schmitt, Coordinator/Presenter K1

Angela Secrest, Reporter F1/Q1

Denyse Seaman, Reporter H4

Corey Seeman, Coordinator/Presenter C1/G3 and E1/O1

Penny Shiel, Coordinator/Presenter A3

Linda Snook, Coordinator/Presenter A1/F3

Ruth E. Souto, Coordinator/Presenter H5

Katherine Stevens, Presenter B2/E5

Mary Strouse, Coordinator/Presenter I2

Fran Stumpf, Reporter C1/G3

Julie Su, Presenter M2/N2

- T -

Margaret Tapper, Reporter M4

Beth Taylor, Presenter D3, G5/Q3 and H2

Elizabeth Thomsen, Coordinator/Presenter G1/J2/P4; and Presenter N3

Bill Topritzhofer, Coordinator/Presenter N5

Thomas G. Tyler, Coordinator/Presenter O6

- U -

Michael Upfold, Presenter F5/K6

- V -

Barbara Vance, Presenter C2, F2, K3, L3

- W -

Shana Wade, Presenter A3

Lani Walton, Presenter E4/L2

Barbara Weir, Reporter G1/J2/P4

Cathy Weng, Coordinator/Presenter L6/O5

Sandy Westall, Presenter H6/I4 and P5

Sheryl Williams, Reporter F4/Q2

Stefanie Wittenbach, Coordinator/Presenter F4/Q2

Carol Wu, Coordinator/Presenter E3/O3

- Y -

MiekoYamaguchi, Coorrdinator/Presenter K5 and N1

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