IUG 2001
Report of the Ninth Annual Meeting

Table of Contents

(in alphabetical order by session title)

2001-2002 IUG Steering Committee
Index of presenters and reporters
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Advertise Your Wares! Use HTML and Perl to Create New Materials Lists and Attract Customers (K10/M3)

Checkpoint, RFID and the Santa Clara City Library (M9)

Circulation Forum Part I (O9)

Circulation Forum Part II (P9)

Codes and You: How are they working? (I2)

Creating Better Lists (B1/L10)

Do You Know Where Your Books Are? Using the Inventory Control Product (L9/N7)

Don't You Have It In Paper? (A1/H10)

E-Books in the O-PAC (F8)

Enhancements Open Forum (H3)

ER, or Panacea for distance learners? (I9)

Errors, Errors, Go Away! Come Again No Other Day (E11)

Exporting and Manipulating Data (G3)

The Fine Art of Troubleshooting WAM Problems with the End User (Q7)

From Crisis to Chaos to Millennium : Two Weeks in the Life of an Innopac Site Coordinator (L4)

The ILS and An Automated Storage & Retrieval System (K9)

Implementing Circulation Notices Via Email (F9/L6)

Inheriting an Innopac System (H8)

INNOPAC Maintenance and OCLC Passport (K4)

Innovative Links: Using INNOPAC Authority Records to Create Cross-Reference Relationships in Your Catalog (F2/Q2)

INN-Reach Chat (N8)

INN-Reach Enhancements Discussion (I8/J12)

Instant Gratification! Z39.50 Throughout the Innovative System (H6/N2)

Introducing Your IUG (A3/F3)

Inventory in Circulation Function (C1/J9)

Inventory Using Create Lists (E6/H9)

The Journey to Millennium: Stories of Migration and Implementation (D2/P7)

Local Databases: Three Libraries, Three Perspectives (L3/M1)

Migrating to Millennium Serials: A View From the Trenches(H1)

Millennium Serials Forum (F1)

The MOBIUS Model-INNOPAC and INN-Reach in a Shared System Environment (G8)

New Users' Circulation Forum (D1)

Online Collections, Local Profiles and INN-Reach Implications (E8)

OPAC Magic: Pushing the Limits (I5/N6)

Public Library Consortium Forum (J2)

Public Library Forum (G5)

A Question of Language - Translating Millennium (C2/I7)

The Real Story: Annual Reports, IPEDS, and End-of-year Routines (minus ACQ) (E3/J10)

Regional Users Group Forum (I3)

Running Millennium on Alternate Platforms - Linux, Mac, NT Terminal Server (J11/M4)

Service Issues (J3)

Serving the Unseen Population: Using Innovative in Distance Learning Programs (K3/P1)

Systems Management Forum - Software Only (I4)

Systems Management Forum - Turnkey (G4)

Training on a Shoestring: The Rocky Mountain Regional Innovative Users Group Experience (O7)

URL Maintenance in Innopac: A User's Toolbox (F5/P2)

Using a Third-Party Proxy System with the Innovative Patron API (H4)

Web Periodical List - Plus (E10)

What We Can Learn from Asking Questions About Training (B2/M7)

Who are You and What are You Doing Here? Managing INNOPAC Logins and Authorizations in a Millennium Environment (A2/E4)

Writing Your Own Interface to the Patron API (F4)

Your WebPac: Not Just a Catalog Anymore (L7/P5)