IUG 2001 Conference Proceedings

Table of Contents

Session: Q7

The Fine Art of Troubleshooting WAM Problems with the End User

John Wynstra, University of Northern Iowa

PowerPoint presentation available at: http://www.uni.edu/~wynstra/wam/WAM.htm
This also gives helpful URLs and URLs of web instructions from several sites.

Where to begin

1. Local Expert

2. Local Routine
3. Local web instructions

WAM Diagram: On campus users have direct access to the remote databases because they have been identified by the system. Off campus or other remote users must be verified by the WAM process before they are allowed access to the remote databases.

The WAM table (example above) is used to set up which patrons can access which databases.

Troubleshooting Tips -- Questions to ask

Common Problems

Browser specific problems

Local setting problems
WAM setting problems
Database specific problems
Training Your Staff

Schedule a training session

Use staff as first contact, not the expert
Keeping your Sanity

Toma Iglehart, Austin Community College