IUG 2001 Conference Proceedings

Table of Contents

Session: H8

Inheriting an Innopac System

Dan Pfohl, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Rick Moul, Western North Carolina Library Consortium

The program was designed to provide helpful tips for people making transitions into and out of systems positions. Dan Pfohl as both coordinator and presenter of the program began by detailing his background and experience prior to his current position at UNC-Wilmington. This included a lot of experience doing profiling with CLSI and DRA prior to his work using III. The emphasis in his presentation was on three key areas to be considered in system administration: 1) Contacts both at Innovative and locally 2) Documentation and 3) Training. They are very clearly outlined in the handout which was included in the conference notebook.

Rick Moul gave some background on how his system developed to its current status. His presentation was divided into two main portions: 1) Getting started and 2) Keeping it going. His outline also gives an excellent basis for anyone moving into a III system administrator position.

Both presenters talked about the importance of the contract document and the system profile. A helpful tip is to use the system administration checklist in the manual appendix.

Some of the items raised as comments/questions at the end of the session included:
1) Get to know your codes and document them
2) Keep a chart of the first record # for every fiscal year as part of annual startup routines
3) Check to see when passwords were last changed
4) In a consortium the system administrator should visit each of the sites 2 3 times per year meeting with a representative of technical services and public services at each site.
5) Find out from III who are the authorized contacts at your site and keep them current.

The presentation was excellent in meeting its defined goal and provided very helpful basic instruction for those getting started as III system administrators.

Karen Harris, Greenwich Library