IUG 2001 Conference Proceedings

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Session: G3

Exporting and Manipulating Data

Andrea Peterson, Western Washington University Libraries

Abstract: This presentation will cover methods of exporting data from the Create Lists function in the Innovative Interfaces Inc. Library Information System. It will focus primarily on the List some of the data and Export User-Selected Format options. It will also discuss ways of manipulating the data after export in order to get the exact information desired. (written by presenter)

Web Address: http://www.library.wwu.edu/info/iii/export/index.html

Session Notes:
This program was a step-by-step description of the process of exporting and manipulating data. It focused primarily on the creation and export of lists, using find-and-replace to beautify the result, using PERL to put the resulting data in html format.

Possible uses:

Step One: Create your list be very careful with the criteria you choose. It's easier to make a big list and pull smaller lists from it than to create many small lists from the whole database. A good example would be "New Books"; create a list of all new holdings for the last month. Then pull subject-specific lists from the "New Books" and send to relevant departments or faculty members.

Step Two: Export your data. This can be in one of four methods: P > PRINT all of the data in the review file; X > EXPORT your review file; L > LIST some of the data in the review file records; or U > Output USER-selected format. U > Output USER-selected format" is the focus of this presentation

Step Three: Manipulate the Data
Use PERL to transform data into html
Other Hints & Tips

Sarah E. Blake, University of Central Arkansas