IUG 2001 Conference Proceedings

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Session: A2/E4

Who are You and What are You Doing Here? Managing INNOPAC Logins and Authorizations in a Millennium Environment

John Culshaw, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

Dan Pfohl, UNC-Wilmington

A good time to take a look at you logins is when you are transitioning from telnet to Millennium. Logins are to get you into the system. Authorizations are for specific functions. These travel with the user and are not tied to a specific terminal. Logins are eight characters long. John suggested adding an “mc” to the beginning or end of the logins to designate the Millennium logins. He suggested we figure out a pattern and use it consistently, e.g., mcflevin (pattern mc, initial of first name, and first 5 letters of last name). He suggested individual logins for Millennium users so that users can use the individual customizing features available in Millennium. He also suggested creating a model login, and then copying it for new users.

John has devised a web format form for users to request authorization changes. It has requested by, for, initials, department, need by, and comments as headings on the form.

Dan Pfohl discussed the Manager controlled options is the Millennium products. Login manager is located in all Millennium products. Who as access to this is controlled by the access given in the text version. Login Manager can control the look of the Millennium screens. Different groups could have different colored screen, different languages, and different tabs and modes. Do not change the system settings. Save this as a default to copy and then modify for new users. A check in the box means that the settings are customized. Could create a circ login for a group, but this would lose the ability to see who overrides. Images can also be changed.

Macros here are like the permanent substitution phrases in the text version. Preferences controls colors and fonts. Always remember to logout and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Fran Levin, Rogers Public Library