IUG 2001 Conference Proceedings

Table of Contents

Session: A1/H3

Don't You Have It In Paper?

Bruce R. Shueneman, Texas A&M University Kingsville

Maria de Jesus Ayala-Schueneman, Texas A&M University Kingsville

Abstract: This program explores how to extract a text file from the INNOPAC, transfer via FTS to a local computer, and then manipulate the file via a word-processing program. All steps along the way will be examined: the creation of a list in the create list function, the sorting and listing of the resulting file, the printing of the file as FTS save file, the transference of the file to a local machine that is an FTP server, and the manipulation of the file in a word-processing program. (written by presenter)

Session Notes:
Why Paper?
We've put so much effort into putting everything online. But for some reason people like paper. They particularly like periodicals lists, holdings lists, patron lists, and lists of special media such as videos or cds. Patrons and staff prefer paper because it is often easier to browse, easier to carry with you, and because the lists can be made as specific as necessary before being printed out.

The First Step:
Plan your Project. Decide what it will look like, what data it will need, which records will be needed for that data, and decide whether or not you will need to manipulate the data once it is exported.

The Extraction Process
Create list; sort; print to FTS save; send file to another system (must be an ftp server); convert and manipulate file; print hard copy of file.

Sarah E. Blake, University of Central Arkansas