IUG 2000
Report of the Eighth Annual Meeting

April 29- May 2, 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This report of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Innovative Users Group contains summaries of forty-nine presentations given by users of the Innovative Interfaces system . Summaries of meeting sessions led by the staff of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. are not included here.  The IUG conference program notebook contained many of the handouts distributed at the meeting sessions; additional handouts were included with the print version of this report. Whenever noted by the presenters, supplementary web site addresses have been included. Use of the printed proceedings, the supplementary web sites, and the conference program will provide the most complete set of reports and handouts.
Included here are:

Meeting Sessions/ Table of Contents (in alphabetical order by session title)
Index of coordinators, presenters and reporters
IUG Steering Committee, 1999-2000

Many thanks go to the reporters who contributed summaries to these proceedings. Their names and institutional affiliations are listed at the end of each report. Sincere thanks go as well to Karen Perone, for her advice and assistance.

Margaret Guccione, Goucher College
Susan Di Renzo, University of Akron
Kelly Sikora, Kent State University