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Leslie Straus, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
Betsy Fisher, Nashville Public Library
John Jensen, Colorado College

Leslie Straus introduced the two speakers and announced the program would focus on INN-View in a real live setting. Innovative sees two communities who would be interested: larger public libraries, and academic (including law) libraries. The product is designed to be a fully integrated and hassle-free way to give access to selected external databases.

INN-View is the Innovative product that permits subscribing libraries to access databases loaded at Innovative through the Internet. Innovative does all the loading of files, updating of records, and updating of catalog information. The libraries must work out separate agreements and contracts with the database publishers.

The Nashville Public Library uses INN-View for the EBSCO product. Prior to this they used InfoTrac. They also tried EBSCO Host, but neither met their needs. They wanted a product familiar to catalog users, and something readily accessible to their 18 branches. INN-View met these needs. They have found better use for staff time who no longer have to find and retrieve materials for the library patron. However, there has been a considerable drop in photocopy income generated by previous products.

Some Negative Points

Positive Elements

Nashville Public Library has found that printing can be a problem, as there is no way to stop the process if the article is very long, or not what is really needed. There is an option to search only articles with full text, which they found very helpful. Currently, about 1,000 titles are included in this option.

John Jensen reported that his library subscribes to EBSCO and BIP and accesses INN-View through the Web.

He highlighted some issues, which included the following:

The product provides access to journals for which the library doesn’t subscribe and the full-text database can definitely fill a need for journal articles. The Web product offers lots of flexibility and customization options.

Colorado College’s approach is to add links to Help (i.e., “What is Boolean searching?”). The Web-based catalog does cause confusion to patrons who sometimes think materials they see on the screen are actually at the library. John likes to do “full-text only” searching. Cross-linking (holdings) are prominently displayed. E-mailing of documents is available in both the character-based and web products, which is a real plus.

Some enhancements they would like to see to the product include:

Recorded by: Mary Unruh, Willamette University

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