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Materials Booking

Aaron Blazer, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
Marianne Berger, College of DuPage
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Aaron Blazer presented an overview of the Materials Booking module using the information in the IUG conference notebook.

Full system integration is the main advantage noted. This includes:

An Events database can be created to integrate all bookings for that activity. Events bookings can be retrieved as a group and updated globally. However, everything booked for an event has the same booking period, which is not always the ideal.

Booking Reserve Items

Audience members asked questions about booking reserve items and had comments as follows:

Patron Self-Booking

This function is defined and enforced by library loan rules. Self-booking can be performed from OPAC, WebPAC or Course Reserves.

Aaron referred everyone to the INNOPAC Users Manual beginning with record #35889.

Marianne Berger began with an overview of the College of DuPage, their library, and the manual procedures used previously. They have been using the Materials Booking module since 1991. Materials Booking was purchased to ensure that the availability status of materials and equipment is known.

Special Policies

Equipment Listings

In order to book equipment, a brief record must be entered into the system. Records are suppressed. Alternative titles are added for commonly used names. The “volume” field is used to show items that need to be used together.

Questions and Answers

Q. What happens with time changes?

A. The system changes the time when the INNOPAC clock is reset.


Q. How long does the booking on a Reserve item last?

A. The system holds the booking until the booking time expires.

Recorded by: Jan Brumm, Wayne State College

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