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Public Library Forum

Karen Perone, Rodman Public Library
Dawn Kovacs, Wheaton Public Library
Maureen Hattasch, Greenwich Public Library
Lynnette Jack, Central Arkansas Library System

The Public Library Forum took place with Karen Perone presiding and speakers from three public libraries giving presentations on several INNOPAC modules. A couple of reminders for public librarians were given prior to the first presentation:

Dawn Kovacs spoke first on Inventory Control, which is performed by scanning item barcodes with the portable reader. Staff at Wheaton are generally pleased with it though the report that is generated gives the status “misshelved” for most everything due to the call numbers used there. All off-shelf statuses are reported as well as “on shelf”. What is really useful information is that items reported as missing don’t get anything in the InvDate field.

The next speaker was Maureen Hattasch who described a community information database containing approximately 1,100 records and a local events database with about 450 records. All pertinent information on these alternate databases is on the attached handout. It should be noted that even though only two access points are utilized, organization name and keyword, “Community Answers” works well.

The third speaker, Lynnette Jack, spoke about the Telephone Notification System (TNS) which has been in use at her library for 17 months. She gave figures reflecting the enormous savings being realized: for approximately 8,000 notices per month Lynnette expects annual savings of $29,000 in postage; $5,000 in paper; and $8,000 in staff time. She noted that TNS was not developed by Innovative but is a third-party product, which is possibly the reason Innovative requires sites to purchase a PC already configured with TNS software from them. She also said the Innovative staff members most familiar with it are Doug Randall and Mark Boyle.

Patron reaction to TNS has been good and staff have found it to be reliable, though it is sensitive to operator error; for instance, unlike in other modules, you can’t save yourself by pressing Escape.

Questions included the following:

Q. What if patrons don’t want a phone call?

A. Give them that option when issuing a library card.


Q. What language is used?

A. It doesn’t matter.


Q. During what hours are the calls are made?

A. 9-5, 7-9.

Recorded by: Claire McLaughlin, Canton Public Library

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