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Circulation Parameters Made Accessible and Easy to Read Via the Web

Tom Klingler, Kent State University
Kelly Sikora, Kent State University
Web Site:

Summary: Circulation parameter information is extracted from the INNOPAC and loaded on a secure web site that allows staff to view the data without needing access to the actual system tables. The project’s primary goal is staff training.

Background and Need

Kent library staff are widely dispersed at six libraries on the Kent campus and seven regional libraries throughout Eastern Ohio. Staff training in this environment is very difficult. Many of the staff need and want to learn more about the structure and function of circulation loan rules.


The tools and the staff became available.


The primary goal was to provide easy-to-read web pages to all staff throughout the library system. These pages would allow the staff to review library hours, days closed, loan rule information, the rule determiner table, and all the variables and notice data that live in each loan rule. Another goal was to accomplish this training effort without having to provide access to the actual INNOPAC system tables.

Design and Tools

White Rabbit Software is used to produce the KentLINK information reports for circulation.

ProcommPlus32 Aspect scripts are run against KentLINK, Kent State’s INNOPAC.

Scripts for days closed, hours open, loan rules, rule selection table, text of circulation notices and a utility script are run.

These scripts generate text files for days closed, hours open, loan rules, rule selection table, and texts of circulation notices.

Visual Basic 5.0 code converts and presents the KentLINK data. The data populates Access database tables and generates some static html pages. Some VBScripts generate separate dynamic html pages, e.g., the loan rule page. The final goal is to convert scripts to active server pages (ASP).

Originally, the information was served from a desktop using Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS). Currently, MS IIS Web Server on a Windows NT 4.0 server is used.

Active server pages with VBScript manage security. Staff can request access to the data via a web form upon approval by systems staff. The intended scope is access for all staff who do circulation and its chief goal is to be a training tool.

Submitted by: Tom Klingler, Kent State University

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