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Federal Documents Processing and Check-in at a Regional Depository

Stephen Slovasky, Connecticut State Library
Kris Jacobi, Eastern Connecticut State University
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The purposes of this session were to present a work procedure that Connecticut State Library (CSL) developed to process its depository documents and to discuss how consortium libraries deal with depository documents cooperatively.

CSL developed this particular workflow to fulfill the requirement by the Depository Library Program: “maintain a holdings record to the piece level of all depository selections regardless of format.” It was also developed to improve public access for locating and circulating materials and to improve processing by reducing backlogs and eliminating the paper shelflist

Background Information About the Connecticut State Libraries and Other Members in the Consortium

CONSULS (Connecticut State University Library Catalog) includes 5 member libraries. They are Connecticut State Library, Western Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Central Connecticut State University, and Eastern Connecticut State University.

CONSULS went online in 1996. They chose a one bibliographic record system. Therefore, only one bibliographic record would be loaded into the system and each library would attach their own item and check-in records to it. The CONSULS WebPac address is http://csulib.ctstateu.edu.

Two bibliographic record vendors supply temporary and full bibliographic records for the depository documents received by the Connecticut State Library.

The CSL depository collection is a regional depository library (all material, all formats). Its collection goes back to 1789 and includes over 1.5 million items, and around 3000 checkin records/cards (in 1998).

Procedure (See handouts for detailed description)

For monographs, temporary bibliographic records are received from the vendor and are loaded to the CONSULS database. The system administrator notifies member libraries and creates a review file for each shipment (for CSL). Shipping lists and materials are verified against the review files and item records are created.

Full bibliographic records will be loaded and will replace the temporary bibliographic records already in the system. For current serials titles checkin cards and checkin records are created and attached to full bibliographic records supplied by the vendor or downloaded from OCLC.

The To-Do List

Recorded by: I-Chene Tai, Le Moyne College

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