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Holds Function Forum

Marcia Rogers, Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Vicky Bedi, Howe Library
Jim Gingery, Milwaukee County Federated Library System

Vicki Bedi reported the Howe library is part of a small consortium and became an INNOPAC customer in 1995. She has been working on various Holds issues since then. These same issues brought her to this Forum presentation. Her story represents a smaller library’s attempt to implement the current features of the Holds function. Due to limited staffing patron requests on available items has not been turned on. A survey was prepared and administered to study the impact of implementing this feature. Ten responses were received and provided results that include:

A test on the use of Holds for available items, which was still in progress, involved a number of both hardware and library software issues that still needed to be resolved.

Jim Gingery’s review centered on the functional aspects of holds. Milwaukee County Federated became an INNOPAC customer in 1995 and they began without the Request feature activated in public mode. Since then, they have put it in place with few to no restrictions and it has been a big public success. The following issues are areas about which one should be wary. Some of them are of particular concern in a consortium environment:

The current list of Holds Function enhancement requests from Milwaukee County was then reviewed with the forum audience. They briefly included:

Comments and discussion from the forum audience included:

Recorded by: David Weinberg-Kinsey, Mount Mary College Library

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