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IUG 1998

Report of the Sixth Annual Meeting

May 2-5, 1998

Nashville, Tennessee

This report of the Innovative Users Group Sixth Annual Meeting contains summaries of fifty-seven presentations given by users of the INNOPAC system. Summaries of meeting sessions led by staff of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. are not included in this volume. The IUG conference notebook contained many of the handouts distrubuted at the meeting sessions and additional handouts were included with the printed version of this report. Whenever noted by the presenters, supplementary web site addresses have been included. Use of the printed proceedings, the supplementary web sites and the conference notebook will provide a complete set of reports and handouts.

The online reports are presented in the order they were given at the conference. The Contents page lists the presentations in alphabetical order. The Index of Names lists all presenters and recorders of the sessions.

Many thanks go to the fifty-four individuals who contributed summaries to this report. Their names and institutional affiliations are listed at the end of each report. Thanks also go to Terry Ballard, Lynda Kresge, and Peter Murray for their help in additional editing, guidance and document translation.

Karen Perone
Rodman Public Library
September 3, 1998

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