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A Consumer's Guide to Innovative's Products

Mike Abaray, Evansville-Vanderburgh County Public Library
Leslie Straus, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
Dan Krupp, Evansville-Vanderburgh County Public Library

Leslie Straus discussed Innovative's products and services. These were broken down into four main areas: Software, Services, Supplies, and Hardware.

The software is broken into two categories: Products and Product Add-ons. Software add-on products may require training and coordination with third-party vendors. INN-View and telephone notification are these types of products. Services include data profiling, re-indexing, system migration, hardware integration, and tape conversion. Hardware provided makes sure the products work with the INNOPAC system and include anything you might desire to buy to make the system as turnkey as you wish. Supplies are for customer convenience and include purchase order/claim forms, thermal paper for logging printers, and tapes for backup.

Dan Krupp presented points that one should consider before purchase of a product. General considerations for any purchase are the delivery time (be sure to include time for coordinating with other vendors), working out a payment schedule for large purchases, and exploring the warranty period.

First educate yourself about the Innovative products. Explore Innovative's Web Page (http://www.iii.com/), seek demonstrations of the product in other libraries, attend conferences, and finally check with Innovative about product status and pricing.

Next consider the technical information: processor needs, additional software, system overhead, memory requirements, indexing needs, and operation needs (i.e., how much staff time will it take hourly, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.).

Contact current customers for input. Get names and numbers of customers from similarly sized libraries with similar product use and similar computer configurations. Make sure they are experienced customers, not new to this product.

Purchasing the product is down in the line of things to do. This is followed by installation, training and implementation.

The session ended with a brief question and answer period.

Recorded by: Fran Levin, Rogers Public Library

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