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Keeping Track with INNOPAC

Jane Richards, Mercer University
Linda Chen, Mercer University
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Richards and Chen presented a detailed report of their methods for systematic record keeping in various modules and how often these tasks should be done. Using a Checklist she developed, Mercer’s system librarian runs, prints, and files all reports and logs, and posts all payfiles, with the exception of the Circulation Status file.

Reference numbers for the User Manual were given for further explanations, if necessary. Copies of their checklist, procedures, reports, and logs were presented.

The following system reports were discussed:

System Status

This is printed, dated and filed. This report is used for the following information:

Cataloging Database Status

This is reviewed for:

Circulation Status

This is viewed for necessary actions, such as printing pickup notices, recall notices, and paging slips.

Acquisitions/Serials Status


Mercer developed a simplified posting log that includes date and initials, records added, payfile #, encumbrance #, and voucher #

Encumbrance Register

Invoice Register

Invoice summary


Compare status of all funds before and after posting with numbers in the posting log for discrepancies.

Mercer developed a Report Request Form that is submitted to the systems librarian. A “reference interview” is conducted to clarify what the requestor needs. The system librarian generates the report, using the Create Lists function. If the report needs to be run on a regular basis, the system librarian adds this to her checklist of duties to be performed. Examples of Report Request Forms for “periodical use study” and “items in transit” were shown. Forms are kept on file for future reference.

A number of in-house logs have been developed. Examples included type of log and information contained in each log:

Backup log

This includes manual backups done every morning with exception of scheduled backups on weekends. Information in the log includes date, backup type (full or daily), tape #, # transactions before backup: (for reference), clear transactions (yes or no), done by, and time.

Problem Log

This log keeps track of calls to Innovative. It includes tracking #, date issued, date finished, subject, description, contact person, and status.

Equipment Shipping Log

This log includes date received, serial #, description, from, date ship, serial #, description, and to.

Posting Log

The Posting Log includes date/initial, recs added, payfile #, encum #, and voucher #

Recorded by: Sallie Clarkson, Coastal Carolina University

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