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Fred Gertler, Santa Clara University

The “Tour de INNOPAC” is Gertler’s solution to introducing staff to a totally new library system and easing them into understanding what it means to have an integrated system.

Using one monographic title and one serial title, staff from every area of the library participated in the collection development decisions, acquisition, cataloging, authority, and serials processes involved for each type of material. Physically moving from each department, staff followed the paths of the material all the way to the shelves. Then searching the OPAC as a patron might, they actually retrieved the materials and continued through the circulation process. They then came full circle by making the decision to withdraw damaged materials.

“Touring” the INNOPAC this way enabled the staff to move out of their particular areas of concentration, become more familiar with the tasks of each department, and envision how those tasks might directly influence work in other departments. They also witnessed that results from their activities were immediately available to the public.

Participants were asked to complete an evaluation form to determine if the goals of this project were met (i.e., if staff understood that their actions had an impact on other departments and that their actions were immediately visible to the public).

Recorded by: Sallie Clarkson, Coastal Carolina University

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