Polaris ILS Advisory Committee

What is PIAC?

The Polaris ILS Advisory Committee meets virtually to discuss topics related to Polaris and it’s supported products.

Membership to this committee entails two virtual meetings twice a month: (Committee-only meeting) 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:00 AM EST and (PIAC plus III Staff) the following Monday at 11:00 AM EST. PIAC membership is a two-year term starting immediate after the IUG conference.

Contact PIAC

2022 - 2023 PIAC Current Members
Debra Wischmeye (Chair)CCS
Lauren ArnsmanTroy Public Library
Eleanor CrumblehulmeSILS (IUG SC PIAC Liaison)
Matt HammermeisterPinnacle Library Cooperative
Katie LaBlancClinton-Macomb Public Library
Jason Bedsaul
Alissa DorninkAmes Public Library
Clark KentEugene Public Library
Jocie WilsonYellowhead Regional Library
Eric YoungPhoenix Public Library