General Information

This website is for members of the Innovative Users Group, an international organization of member libraries who use Innovative Interfaces, Inc.’s integrated library software. It is an independent organization from Innovative Interfaces.

Here you will find:

  • information about the IUG as an organization, its officers, bylaws, and history
  • the IUG discussion forums
  • information about the IUG annual conference, including registration forms, hotel and transportation news, program schedules and proceedings
  • connections to regional and special interest IUG organizations around the globe
  • archives of past conference presentations
  • the IUG Clearinghouse of tips and solutions created by our members

The Innovative company has several websites, including which offers general corporate information as well as links to training opportunities and the Innovative Customer Supportal which includes information for customers such as access to the Help Desk, call tracking tools, known software issues, software updates, and a knowedge base of questions and solutions.

Do I use the same passwords to access the IUG website and Innovative’s support sites?

No. Your library’s IUG membership allows you to access passworded portions of the IUG site. If you know your institution’s IUG membership number and ZIP code, you can create your own MyIUG login for the site.

Don’t know your IUG membership number? Contact us.

Consult your library’s Innovative site coordinator for information on logging in to sites hosted by Innovative, including,,, and

Anyone at any Innovative library may sign up for a personal account on Idea Lab, Idea Lab is the platform for our user community to submit, discuss, and prioritize enhancements for Polaris and Sierra. More about Idea Lab 

How can I find answers to my questions?
  1. Ask us! We’re a friendly bunch! Search or browse the IUG Forums or post your question to the appropriate category.
  2. Check the resources in the IUG Clearinghouse or the archive of past conerence presentations.
  3. Connect with your colleagues at regional and special interest IUG group meetings. 
  4. Check the Innovative Customer Supportal at for updated manual information, news releases, and tutorials. If you suspect a bug in a program, check the “Known issues” section. Site coordinators can open calls to the Help Desk, check on the status of open calls, and reopen closed calls here. Subscribe to Forum categories of interest to you to receive updates whenever new information is posted.

    Contact your library’s site coordinator for further information on accessing and using