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order details in Sierra summary display (search/holds & catalog functions)

Hello, I understand that Libraries cannot customize the description and summary metadata that appears in the search/holds & catalogue function search results (the non-compact browse views). That said, can anyone share how they manage the Or...
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Automating searches to find course reserve materials?

At the beginning of each semester, we get a list of required texts from the bookstore. Currently, the circulation staff manually searches each title to see if we own it so it can be put on course reserve. I have been asked to automate a comparison of...
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Searching records by cataloger / user

Is there any way in the Sierra Cataloging module to search by the name of the cataloger in order to see who cataloged certain materials? We are a small department, and this would be extremely useful in certain instances! Best, Stephen...
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Diacritics in Create Lists

Hi, all, I have a question regarding searching for words with diacritics in Sierra Create Lists. Although I cannot find anything in the Create Lists section of the Sierra online help manual that specifically addresses diacritics, based on the &...
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