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"availability / on the shelf" Encore facet fixed in Encore 4.7.3 & Sierra 4.1???

Hello, Encore 4.7.3 has a fix described as "availability and scope facets now work in conjunction with one another to honor scoping rules". I think this was corrected with the combination of Encore 4.7.3 and Sierra 4.1. Can anyone c...
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User Experience/Web Design Librarian, University of San Francisco

Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco is searching for a User Experience/Web Design Librarian who will assess, improve, and integrate library web interfaces to support a cohesive library web presence and seamless resource discovery for o...
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Encore and ceasing subscription, has anyone done it before?

Hello, we are an Australian Innovative site and we have subscribed to Encore as our present discovery layer. Our subscription is coming up for renewal shortly, so we are now considering our options. I was curious about whether any other sites hav...
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Encore Integrating Harvested Collections

Is anyone harvesting from their digital collection or institutional repositories to Encore? We would like to see a live example of how it displays. Thanks, Laurie lpalumbo@sju.edu...
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Encore Google Analytics: trying to include Behavior > Site Search reports

Hello, We are often asked what search terms customers use to search the catalogue. I know that Web Management reports archives this for us, but it is a bit messy and I can't do a date range search. I have asked Innovative why the Encore Google A...
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Encore cover images after switch from Syndetics to Syndetics Unbound

After our recent change from Syndetics to Syndetics Unbound, my staff say they see fewer cover images for DVDs in the catalog (Encore), but the Syndetics rep says we have access to the same number of images. I think I have an explanation; does the fo...
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Sharing buttons Javascript in Encore

We've been experiencing issues with the AddThis JavaScript we're using in Encore for sharing buttons. In some web browsers, going outside the browser window (such as when going to the back button) causes the sharing buttons to launch a large pop up ...
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Patrons with excess money owed: Block checkouts but allow renewals?

Is it possible to allow patrons to renew items through the webpac and Encore if they are blocked because they owe too much money? The manual says the patron blocks table blocks patrons from all actions or certain types of actions, but I don't see ...
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Encore + WordPress CMS - looking for examples

Hello, I'm looking for examples of libraries using Encore who are also using WordPress CMS for the library website. Extra points for examples that attempt to provide users with a single integrated experience (either via look & feel or via a...
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Adding JavaScript to Encore

Hello! I'm attempting to put in a chunk of JavaScript to change the default message for a search term that has no matches. I thought that by adding it to the botlogo.html file in Sierra, under Web Master, that it would work. I've made the editing ...
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