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Welcome to the IUG Forum

The IUG provides a forum where you can discuss things related to Innovative software as well as sharing tips and tricks, files, etc. The forum took the place of the IUG listserv, and it offers the best of both worlds: You can subscribe to the forum b...
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Replying to the IUG Forum via Email

It's hard to remember to do because we've all used listservs for years, but if you reply to the forum via email, it's a good idea to either delete the quoted message below the message you write, or type "end reply" (no quotes necessary) at ...
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Forum email delivery issues resolved

Some people reported that they weren't receiving email notifications from the IUG Forum. I noticed in their DNS records that all of them had their mail going through [something].mail.protection.outlook.com. It turns out that Microsoft had blacklisted...
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IUG Website will be down for maintenance

Hi all, Please note that IUG website will be down this coming Sunday May 28th and Monday May 29th , we are migrating to a new server, sorry for the inconvenience as all resources on our website will not be accessible during this time. Thank you! ...
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Disable comments?

Some people have suggested that we disable the comments feature on the forum. What do you think about that? In some older discussions here, the comments and replies are very confusing to sort through, but I think the way people use comments has c...
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IUG Forum session at IUG2017

On Tuesday, April 4 at 3:00, I'll be presenting a session with Mohamed Ragheb, the IIUG Webmaster (session M03). We'll review the features of the forum and we'll have a lot of time for questions, comments, and discussion. We'd love to see you there a...
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Feedback about the IUG Forum?

I just closed an old discussion about the IUG Forum so I'm opening this new one. Everyone's comments have been very useful, and we've tried to address them as much as possible. What comments do you have about the forum? What things do you like, an...
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Occasionally Seeing Posts with Broken CSS

Occasionally, I'm seeing posts without any styling when clicking on links in emails or in the forum lists. I've attached a sample screenshot. jennifer.faist@artcenter.edu...
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Cannot View the Lots of Improvements Topic

I cannot view the "Lots of Improvements..." post at all from anywhere. The links in the emails don't work. The links from the forum lists don't work. http://innovativeusers.org/iug-forum/iug-announcement/9859-lots-of-improvements-to-the-...
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A couple of IUG Forum bugs

I've seen a couple of bugs today: A lot of posts won't display when you try to go the web page for the post, and for the posts that you can see, you can't add a comment. I have asked the company that maintains our web site software to fix them as soo...
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Lots of Improvements to the IUG Forum

Recently, we requested custom programming to address the concerns we've heard about the IUG Forum. I think these changes will make a big difference, and will make the IUG Forum much easier for everyone to use. I just found out that the custom prog...
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Notice: Undefined property On "Users" Page

At the top of the users page I'm seeing a repeated message of "Notice: Undefined property: JPaginationObject::$active in /www/docs/lite/administrator/components/com_easydiscuss/includes/pagination/pagination.php on line 63." I've attached a...
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Occasional Bad Link in New Question Emails

Occasionally the link for the "Read this discussion" button in a "New Question Posted" email is malformed and clicking on it sends me to the form for posting a new question rather than the question in the email and the responses (...
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Forum Tips

The IUG Forum has some nice features that make it easier for everyone to use, whether they're reading current posts or searching past posts. Here are a few tips: If you posted a question and someone responded with an answer please mark this post w...
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IUG Server update

Hi All, We have a server update scheduled for this Friday morning July 22nd at 9:00AM EDT " Convert it to your local time- http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ " During this period our website including IUG Forum will be unavailab...
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