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Circulation Stats for Reserve Courses

We would like to find an easy way to send our faculty/instructors the circulation stats from the items in their reserves courses. We would also like to the stats to be in a useful format, like csv. We do not want to send them screenshots of their...
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WAM Statistics

Hi all, How closely are you looking at your WAM statistics? Do you find them useful for analyzing usage or diagnosing problems? We've been dealing with persistent WAM proxy errors, so I thought I'd take a closer look at our logs. Our numbers fo...
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Circ stats for e-reserves in Sierra

Hello, Until this past summer we used the media manager function for electronic reserves. As they were not checked out, but accessed through a link or PDF in the media manager, I am not sure how to get a circ stat. Is there a way for me to get a usa...
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Millennium Statistics Performance Load

We're considering opening access to our Millennium Statistics module to more staff (providing training, encouraging use) and so we are wondering about other libraries' experience with reports being run concurrently (vs consecutively). In Systems, ...
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Automating usage stats in Sierra ERM

Hello, I am new to my position and interested in using Sierra's automated collection of usage statistics. Setting up the SUSHI parameters seems fairly straightforward but I'm getting stuck on the subsequent harvesting. When I try to export the sta...
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Pulling stats based on genre in customer's holds

Is it possible to pull a list of customers who have romance books on hold ?...
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Statistics and SCAT problems

Are others on Sierra 2.2 having problems with Statistics and SCAT showing tens of thousands of items without call number and/or not in a category? We submitted a ticket and have been told that it's in software engineering, but in the meantime we don'...
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Pulling Program Registration Statistics

Have any Sierra users come up with workarounds for getting Program Registration statistics beyond the total number of registrations stored in the section records fixed field 289. We are paperless and swipe cards as an easy and convenient way to do...
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