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Space at the end of 6xx fields and Global Update

Hello, I've run into an oddity while using Global Update that is generating extra manual editing of records. One of my cataloguers has been adding a space after the period in the subject and genre MARC fields. Whenever I try to global update a su...
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Overdrive--Marc records--ematerials

Hi! What is the best way to get the Overdrive Marc records that Overdrive sends into Sierra? Previously, ours would open into Marc Notepad (WebClarity) and then we would save the file and do a Data Exchange in Sierra. However, we no longer have Ma...
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245 doesn't end with period

Hi all, I am trying to come up with a search strategy for general clean-up purposes that would identify all of our bib records with a 245 that doesn't end with a period. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find these? Obviously create lists...
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Millennium/Summon configuration

I am filling out a form in order to set up the sending of our records from Millennium to ProQuest's Summon. It asks for the MARC field that contains the bib record number, and also the MARC field (or leader position) that contains the delete code, w...
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