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Diacritics: Millennium vs Sierra

In Millennium, we have gotten used to having to check our diacritic displays in public mode (OPAC) rather than edit mode, as edit mode fonts don't support all diacritic modifications correctly. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in ...
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Ordering from Recorded Books using Sierra and EDI

When Recorded Books switched over to their new website earlier this summer we discovered that we could set up EDI ordering and EDI invoicing with them. I have been trying to do that, but have a few stumbling blocks. Recorded Books set up templates fo...
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Upgrade Sierra 2.3 results

How many people have upraded to Sierra 2.3? Can you please tell us how it is going and any problems you've encountered as a result of the upgrade? Thanks...
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Sierra 2.2/2.3 Enhanced Query Builder screenshot

Hi everyone, Would someone be able to upload or point me to a screenshot of what the Enhanced Query Builder in Create Lists looks like in Sierra 2.2 or 2.3? We're on Sierra 2.0 but reading ahead in the documentation on the new features in Sierra ...
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Fines and Fees with Self-check

Our library uses Comprise Technologies' Smart Terminals with 3M self-check machines to process fines and fees payments.. We are currently in the middle of revising our credit card refund procedures and wonder if any library has an established proced...
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downloading one-click MARC from Baker & Taylor problems

Last week I downloaded a file of brief bib records with order records from Baker & Taylor TS360 using their one-click MARC cart action. The file had 51 titles that were DVD and music CDs, but only 36 of them downloaded to Sierra. When I went to t...
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iii Response to Hosting Problems Friday, July 1

Marina Keating, SVP Services & Support, iii, asked me to post this for her yesterday: I am very sorry that a number of our libraries were impacted by a service issue we had at the Oakland data center yesterday. We are confident that we underst...
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Enterprise Backup

We recently purchased Enterprise backup solution and Innovative has sent us an Enterprise backup sample script. We understand the script, but it looks like it backs up the data locally to the Sierra server. We would like to store the data on a w...
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Pulling Program Registration Statistics

Have any Sierra users come up with workarounds for getting Program Registration statistics beyond the total number of registrations stored in the section records fixed field 289. We are paperless and swipe cards as an easy and convenient way to do...
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Re: [IUG] Millennium web reports

Hello, (This is my first posting on the IUG Forum and I chose "New Discussion"... hope it works.) We gave up on using Chrome for Web Management Reports. Firefox was working well until version 47.0 came along. Luckily I can still acces...
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Changes to webpub.def have no effect

I want change which MARC fields appear on this screen: http://catalog.cuyahogafallslibrary.org/record=b1696569 I should be able to make changes to webpub.def in order to change this screen, right? My changes to webpub.def don't make any diff...
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Extra item checked out

Has anyone heard of anything like this? I've submitted a help desk ticket, but I'm not sure that it's the Sierra software that's at fault. In the Sierra desktop client, while we were checking out three items to a patron, a fourth item was somehow ...
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