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Bookings module: workflow for floating collections

Hello, We are a Public Library with 39 Branches and Customers can place requests on any item in the system (floating or not-floating). Our Book Club Borrowers have found that "freezing holds" in Encore/WebPac is not a useful way to manag...
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Spine label template request: Sierra libraries with templates for Zebra LP 2824 Plus, for Dewey

Hi there, any other libraries using the Zebra LP 2824 Plus with Sierra and Dewey call numbers to print, and if so, are you willing to share your .jrxml templates for us to try? Neither the default nor our previously customized templates for Millenniu...
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Using API's with Banner and or McNaughton's?

Are any libraries using the restful API's to develop code to have Sierra communicate with Ellucian's Banner student information system? I am aware that Innovative said they are working on something that will be available in the future but is anyone u...
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Overdrive--Marc records--ematerials

Hi! What is the best way to get the Overdrive Marc records that Overdrive sends into Sierra? Previously, ours would open into Marc Notepad (WebClarity) and then we would save the file and do a Data Exchange in Sierra. However, we no longer have Ma...
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ERM and Knowledge Base : examples of any Public Library installations

Hello, Our library hopes to install ERM with Knowledge Base before the end of the year - and I was wondering if another Public Library has already done this. We want to use the product to highlight our EBSCO titles and populate our Overdrive titles....
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Circ stats for e-reserves in Sierra

Hello, Until this past summer we used the media manager function for electronic reserves. As they were not checked out, but accessed through a link or PDF in the media manager, I am not sure how to get a circ stat. Is there a way for me to get a usa...
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request multiple items of a single bib one time

Hi and Happy Friday- Our tech service staff often need to place multiple items of a single bib on hold in order to change, saying, labels. Does anyone know if there is a way of requesting multiple items of a single bib one time rather than one at ...
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Using Jaspersoft Print Template for Checkout receipts

We would like to use Jaspersoft Print Templates as our Checkout receipts, but Innovative has noted that the Jaspersoft templates are assigned a fixed length (eg. 8X11). We can change the length, but there will receipt with a cut off at some point, or...
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Renewing ILL on-the-fly items?

Hello, Our library uses ILLiad for Interlibrary loan. It is currently the procedure to make on-the-fly bib and item records in Sierra for the ILLiad materials so we can check out and keep track of items there too. As we do not want patrons to be ab...
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ILL Request Confirmation Notice

Hi all, We are looking for a way to send an email confirmation upon submission of an ILL request. It has become common to expect an "order confirmation" via email in so many other venues, and it would be nice to extend this courtesy to ...
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Sierra 2.1 example set ?

Hi, have you added this new example set to your WebPAC? If yes, could you proudly show it to the rest of us?...
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Sierra - Record Suppression?

Hi all, One of our branches is undergoing renovations and I need to suppress a small subset of books during the construction project. It's not the entire branch, just their paperbacks. I've created a list of all the paperbacks in the system fo...
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SCIUG Conference Registration Open

Hello Southern California Innovative Users, Registration <http://sciug.wordpress.com/register/> is now open for the Southern California Innovative Users Group (SCIUG) 2016 Conference. SCIUG's annual conference will be held at Loyola Marym...
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Sierra & Bibliotheca's Liber8: Offline Circ / Blocking circ by Item Type

We migrated to Sierra about a year ago and have 2 outstanding issues with Bibliotheca's Liber8 software. 1. We cannot use the Offline Checkout. Bibliotheca’s response was that the ILS server is not allowing for the patron accounts to be updated wi...
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Editing Function list in Sierra?

Hello, I am sorry if this has been asked before but I have searched the listserv archive and the manual and can not find the info I need. Is it possible to eliminate choices from the Sierra function menu? For example, under Circulation, there are op...
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Print/Send Orders

We have recently discoverd that the files found in the Print/Send Order Function haven't been deleted in years and it is impacting the functionality of Sierra. Is there any reason to keep all of these? If no, how far back would you keep? Thanks ...
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scan barcodes to change status

Hey all, I've looked around for this and I haven't come up with anything. Is there a way to scan a barcode to change the status of that item? An example would be wanting to scan a bin of items to a 'storage' status. Is there a way to do this in...
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Bib display flickering in Sierra Desktop App

I know some sites have reported that their SDA display flickers when they expand 006, 007 or 008 fields in bib records ( see http://innovativeusers.org/list/archives/2015/msg01759.html). Did anyone open a ticket about this and/or find a solution ...
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Auto Notices NOT sending

HELP! We are hosted and on Sierra 2.3 and just noticed that our auto notices (sending via email) are not sending... unfortunately, we don't know when it first started, since there are very few items checked out over the summer (academic law librar...
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Serials Bindery function failing intermittently

Hi All, We are on Sierra 2.1 and some staff report that the ‘To Bindery’ function fails intermittently to respond. They click it and they get no further – but Sierra des not actually freeze. It might work for a few titles then stop, and if the ...
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