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New On Idea Lab

The Undo Options Challenge may be over (the winners announcement will be coming very shortly) but don't forget that the Always Open Space is as active as ever. Here are just a few of the great new ideas that have been submitted by you and your colle...
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Systems Librarian, University of San Francisco

Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco is searching for a Systems Librarian who will strengthen, evaluate, and integrate library systems that support resource discovery and library operations. Systems Librarian https://www.usfjobs.co...
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Rolling Stone Serials Card Checkin Problem

If you subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine and use Sierra Serials checkin cards, could you please contact me? We're having a problem extrapolating new cards regarding issue numbers. I'm not very familiar with the serials module, and I'd love to chat ...
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SDA displaying Korean script as boxes

Hi All, I've got a new PC with Win 10. In the SDA the Korean characters are now displaying as boxes, while other non-Roman scripts are ok. The Unicode codes are present and correct. I've reinstalled the SDA, checked the fontconfig file is pr...
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Library Systems Supervisor sought

City of Aurora Colorado seeking a highly motivated individual to fill recently vacated Library Systems Supervisor position. Public library experience strongly preferred. Supervises Collection Development and Interlibrary Loan activities for medium ...
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Self-Check Machine Recommendation

I'm looking for some advice on a self-checkout machine for Sierra. This is for one of our libraries with about 10,000 patrons. I'm looking for a make/model that is cost-effective while providing reasonable functionality - check-in/check-out/view ...
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Encore and ceasing subscription, has anyone done it before?

Hello, we are an Australian Innovative site and we have subscribed to Encore as our present discovery layer. Our subscription is coming up for renewal shortly, so we are now considering our options. I was curious about whether any other sites hav...
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Job Opportunity: ILS Coordinator

Make the smart choice by exploring opportunities with the Stark County District Library! The Stark County District Library - The Smart Store, where everything is free® – is a store of knowledge with an abundance of resources at your fingertips…all f...
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Checked out items tab title in SDA shows in red but item is due today and is not overdue

Hi All,Since moving to Sierra we have had problems whereby the checked out items tab title in the SDA shows in red as if an item is overdue, when in fact the item is due today.  See https://csdirect.iii.com/sierrahelp/Content/sril/sril_disp_patront...
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Circ stats by student major for e-reserves

We use Web Management Reports to collect stats on e-reserves but we are not able to get usage stats according to the students' major that viewed the e-reserve. Students must log in to access e-reserves, so that data must be recorded somewhere. Does a...
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Local hold fulfillment for 1 bib. only. Is it possible?

We do not have our Sierra instance set for local holds fulfillment as we are a system that shares one budget and considers materials as "one collection." However, we have a new venture this summer that makes the most sense if I set it up f...
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Sierra Upgrade Bug Checklist

In preparation for those of us who must upgrade to Sierra 3.1 as soon as it’s released, what issues have other libraries run into when upgrading Sierra within the last year? I’d like to compile a list of things we should check as soon as the upgrade ...
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Altering/deleting fields that are green in Sierra coverage load check-in records

In Sierra, I need to change the URL in the 856 link in a check-in record from a record created by an ERM coverage load and the field is highlighted in green and will not let me delete or alter it. Any ideas why and how to make it so that I can manipu...
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Late Fines vs. Billed/Damaged charges list

Does anyone out there in the collective wisdom know of a way to run a list in create lists that shows how fines were applied? Such as, a list of fines specific to late fees and a separate list of fines specific to damaged/billed materials? We want ...
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Changing Summary View in Sierra Circulation

Hello, I have a Circulation staff member that would like to change the default of the summary view she is seeing and I can not figure out how to change it. When she searches in Circulation Search/Holds function, her summary view is defaulting to &qu...
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Issues after upgrading to Sierra 3.0

We are running into several issues since upgrading to Sierra 3.0 earlier this week. For one, we are unable to checkin serials (we get a "missing pair" verify error). Another is that Sierra Web is fairly unusable now - when trying to open a ...
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Load bib records directly from BookWhere?

We have software called BookWhere software that has a feature called Send, currently grayed out, which according to the Help file will let us put MARC records directly into our ILS (only for some systems). Does Sierra have a way to load bib records w...
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Next Record functionality lost after upgrade to Sierra 2.4

After upgrade to Sierra 2.4 last night the go to Next Record functionality has stopped working when browsing a list of remote records from Worldcat. My Display - Browse Option is set to Compact Browse. Has anyone else lost this functionality on upgra...
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muliple email addresses in field

Hey all, quick question I hope. Does anyone know if it is possible to enter more than one email separated by a comma or semi-colon in the patron's email field? Sometimes patron's have trouble receiving email notices and I thought it might be nice (...
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Are there any other Primo users in this forum?

Hello, At Durham University we have Millennium as our integrated library system and Primo (from ExLibris) as our discovery tool. We would like to know if there are any other Innovative customers (either Millennium or Sierra) who have also purchase...
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