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Holds Pickup at Returning Location and Half-Hour Loans

Hi all, Has anyone out there been able to implement the following in Sierra/Encore:  - Ability to check out materials for less than 1 hour. - Ability to have patrons select a holds pickup location as "any location" or "returning location". This wo...
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Cleaning up Branch table & Loan Rule Determiner table (Sierra)

Our Sierra branch table is unruly (see attached). We would like to clean it up. It seems we’ve been using branch codes instead of itypes to designate collections in our loan rule determiner table. Can we use wildcards (ie. qa*) in our loan rule...
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Hours Open and Loan Rules: 24 HR Library Closes at 10 PM on weekends - hourly checkouts

We have a library which is open 24 hours, except for Friday and Saturday, when they close at 10 PM and open the next morning. We worked with III and got the hours open table working well, except for one hitch. We have four hour laptops. Circ...
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Renewing ILL on-the-fly items?

Hello, Our library uses ILLiad for Interlibrary loan. It is currently the procedure to make on-the-fly bib and item records in Sierra for the ILLiad materials so we can check out and keep track of items there too. As we do not want patrons to be ab...
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Loan rule determined by login

We are considering changing loan rules from owning location to circulating location. I have a few questions for those of you who operate this way. How is your loan rule determiner table constructed? We rely mostly on item location and itype and fr...
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