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Statement of Checked-Out Items Notice - COVID-19

Hello everyone, Though nothing has been announced or decided in our state re: COVID emergency, we're preparing various responses to make sure we're keeping up. I just got the Statement of Checked-Out Items Notice working, but the default template i...
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Ability to reprint bills in Idea Lab

Hi everyone, I have an idea in Idea Lab for the ability to reprint bills. Although they have added the ability to reprint notices at the time they are being generated in Sierra 4.0, that only addresses the problem of reprinting bills if they are los...
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Email notices with no confidential information?

Because email goes through the internet unencrypted (people often say "email is a postcard", do any libraries out there strip confidential information out of email notices using a print template or some other method? Such an email might be a...
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Formatting for Notices going by email

Hello, The majority of our notices are sent using the system notices with the parameters set in Options in telnet (with number of lines and character positions). These parameters were set when a lot of notices were printed and they print very nicel...
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Autonotices- Does anyone print the non-electronically sent ones? If so, please provide advice.

Hi folks, We moved to Innovative and Sierra about a year ago. We are currently manually preparing our notices but would like to start autonoticing them. Our problem is what to do with the file of notices not sent electronically. We only print or ema...
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ILL Request Confirmation Notice

Hi all, We are looking for a way to send an email confirmation upon submission of an ILL request. It has become common to expect an "order confirmation" via email in so many other venues, and it would be nice to extend this courtesy to ...
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Print Templates & Postscript printers

Hi All, I know this has been discussed hundreds of times before... and that the advice seems to be that while label and receipt print templates will work on a non-Postcript printer, others will not. I find also that purchase orders and Article...
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Auto Notices NOT sending

HELP! We are hosted and on Sierra 2.3 and just noticed that our auto notices (sending via email) are not sending... unfortunately, we don't know when it first started, since there are very few items checked out over the summer (academic law librar...
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