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Envisionware 24-hour Library

Does anyone on Sierra have a 24-hour library from Envisionware installed? We are getting one the week after next and I have a couple of workflow questions I'm hoping to get answered ahead of time. Thanks! Renee reneeb@thelibrary.org...
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Comprise Smart Terminal

Hello, Does any public library use Smart Terminal at their express lane? If so, would you mind if I contact you with some questions about your experiences with the product? Thanks! lstriebel@slcl.org...
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Self-Check Machine Recommendation

I'm looking for some advice on a self-checkout machine for Sierra. This is for one of our libraries with about 10,000 patrons. I'm looking for a make/model that is cost-effective while providing reasonable functionality - check-in/check-out/view ...
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Enabling more Item Statuses for self checkout

Hello IUGers, We are considering adding some additional item statuses to the default list for patron self-checkout. Our thinking is to encourage more self checkout use by reducing the exceptions that send them to the circulation desk. In addit...
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Unable to check out new item type at 3M self checkout

Hello IUGers, I created some new item types over the holidays and used rapid update to assign the new item type. Some of our 3M machines are failing only on the new item types. Other 3M machines are working fine. We have done extensive testing...
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DIY self-checkouts?

Hello Sierra users, We are looking to build our own self-checkouts...has anyone done this yet? We are interested in using an api if possible and if it makes a good business case. Has anyone done this yet? Thanks! Melissa...
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Sierra & Bibliotheca's Liber8: Offline Circ / Blocking circ by Item Type

We migrated to Sierra about a year ago and have 2 outstanding issues with Bibliotheca's Liber8 software. 1. We cannot use the Offline Checkout. Bibliotheca’s response was that the ILS server is not allowing for the patron accounts to be updated wi...
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Looking for Express Lane monitoring solution

One of our member libraries is looking for a recommendation of software or some other solution for monitoring activity on their Express Lane self-checks (2 units) in real time. They'd like to be more proactive in helping patrons with messages that mi...
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Fines and Fees with Self-check

Our library uses Comprise Technologies' Smart Terminals with 3M self-check machines to process fines and fees payments.. We are currently in the middle of revising our credit card refund procedures and wonder if any library has an established proced...
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Uploading offline transactions from Bibliotheca to Sierra

Dear all At the European IUG meeting recently some questions were raised about the uploading of offline checkouts into Sierra from Bibliotheca self-service machines. We are about to move to Bibliotheca self-service Liber-8 machines over the sum...
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