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Encore Google Analytics: trying to include Behavior > Site Search reports

Hello, We are often asked what search terms customers use to search the catalogue. I know that Web Management reports archives this for us, but it is a bit messy and I can't do a date range search. I have asked Innovative why the Encore Google A...
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Soliciting your tales of success and woe: Switching fom WAM to EZproxy

Hello! Has your institution (in the past or recently) switched from WAM to Ezproxy (hosted or self hosted)? We are considering a move to EZproxy and as part of my research I'd love to have some advice from peers. Feel free to directly email me ...
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EDI/Quick Click Error Reporting

Our Acquisitions staff began EDI ordering & invoicing with Baker & Taylor a few months ago. They're using the vendor's TS360 & III's Quick Click process to download records into Sierra. They'll then see the order records in the Print/Send...
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Re: [IUG] Millennium web reports

Hello, (This is my first posting on the IUG Forum and I chose "New Discussion"... hope it works.) We gave up on using Chrome for Web Management Reports. Firefox was working well until version 47.0 came along. Luckily I can still acces...
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