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Haunted printer? (cross-posted on Sierra listserv)

This problem is an isolated one and not sure where to start our network people or III. We have a specific staff computer/computer location (happened when it was Win 7 and now Win 10) that will randomly print receipts (date due slips specifically)...
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OKI Microline 320 Printer and Windows 10

Hello, since updating our PCs to Windows 10 recently, we are unable to print from Sierra to the OKI Microline 320 Turbo 9 Pin Dot Matrix printer, which we use for continuous feed spine labels. We can print to the Microline from Notepad, etc. but not...
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Epson TM -T88V receipt printers and print template hold slips

Hi All, We have many  Epson TM -T88V receipt printers which  print non-template date due slips and template hold slips with no problem  from Sierra 3.1.On two PC's however the printers print garbage instead of hold slips. The login parameters all lo...
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Hold Slips not printing

We have two computers on which hold slips are not printing. There are many other computers using the same Sierra login for which hold slips print fine which makes it seem as though there is nothing wrong with the application or login. We have tried g...
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Print templates and machine readable barcodes

I have been trying to add a machine readable barcode to a paging slip. So far I have been successful printing this to a printer, i.e. the barcode prints out and is scannable. When I email the paging slip, the barcode doesn't make it through - ...
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Print Templates & Postscript printers

Hi All, I know this has been discussed hundreds of times before... and that the advice seems to be that while label and receipt print templates will work on a non-Postcript printer, others will not. I find also that purchase orders and Article...
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Printing Labels in Sierra

Hi, We're migrating from Sirsi to Sierra and having problems printing spine labels. We use a Zebra GX430t and Computype labels 1005543-1. We use a spine label and book pocket label. 1. Tried the print templates in Admin (those are Gaylord) and Ja...
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