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Inn Reach Renewal Issue

Having an issue with inn-reach renewals. We participate in Melcat which is just Michigan libraries sharing books and Mel cat items are supposed to only get 1 renewal. If a patron renews their own item in Encore, then it raises the number of renewal...
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INN-Reach Viability

I'm looking for some advice on the practicality of INN-Reach for small to medium sized Sierra public libraries. I'd like to know if it's been effective at meeting ILL needs in such institutions? How much staff time was required to implement? How does...
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INN-Reach bug in Sierra 2.2 and 2.3

We were about to upgrade our production Sierra next week, when iii helpdesk just threw a bombshell our way. "We recently discovered a bug in late Sierra 2.2 and Sierra 2.3 where the second level iragencymap files are being ignored." W...
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