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Sync Invoices from Sierra to QuickBooks Online

I just finished the IUG2018 and had a great time. My director asked me to look into the topic above and since nothing came up at the sessions its time to tap the collective wisdom of the forum. So here goes... ...perhaps this is more a question ab...
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Patron Api Use Cases Solicitation

We currently have a process for pushing fines on a monthly bases to our Banner Financial system. I believe that we could make it work better using the Patron API, but I need ideas for other projects that we could use it for to justify the cost of pur...
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DIY self-checkouts?

Hello Sierra users, We are looking to build our own self-checkouts...has anyone done this yet? We are interested in using an api if possible and if it makes a good business case. Has anyone done this yet? Thanks! Melissa...
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Using API's with Banner and or McNaughton's?

Are any libraries using the restful API's to develop code to have Sierra communicate with Ellucian's Banner student information system? I am aware that Innovative said they are working on something that will be available in the future but is anyone u...
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