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Sync Invoices from Sierra to QuickBooks Online

I just finished the IUG2018 and had a great time. My director asked me to look into the topic above and since nothing came up at the sessions its time to tap the collective wisdom of the forum. So here goes... ...perhaps this is more a question ab...
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Acquisitions Librarian - Yale Law Library

Yale Law Library has an opening for an Acquisitions Librarian to support our robust collecting in all formats. This is an opportunity to work with great colleagues in collection development and participate in broader campus initiatives. More detai...
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Job Opening: Member Services Librarian, Technical Services

Member Services Librarian, Technical Services CCS Consortium, Arlington Heights, IL Are you a collaborative, detail-oriented individual with a strong background in cataloging and technical services? Bring your experience and expertise to CCS as p...
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Question about running two fiscal years

Is anyone running two fiscal years on Millennium or Sierra? If so, would you contact me? I have some questions about how it is done. Thank you, Barbara Weir Swarthmore College bweir1@swarthmore.edu bweir1@swarthmore.edu...
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ftp error when trying to send Recorded Books order to them using EDI ordering

We started having problems sending orders from Sierra to Recorded Books using EDI ordering on Feb 22. I sent one order and had no problems. A couple of hours later I tried sending another order. I clicked on the ftp all button and before I could choo...
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Job Posting: Wisconsin State Law Library, Acquisitions Librarian

The Wisconsin State Law Library, located in beautiful downtown Madison, is seeking candidates for our Acquisitions Librarian position. The Acquisitions Librarian manages acquisitions; develops and maintains working relationships with publishers ...
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Acquisitions Librarian @ Samford University

Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and Lucille Beeson Law Library invites applicants interested in serving in a Christian university environment to apply for the position of Acquisitions Librarian. This is a nontenure-track, full-time facu...
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Moving encumbered monies from one fund code to another

Hello, In 2017 our Library wants to stop using 4 or 5 fund codes that still have on order records (and show encumbered amounds in the Funds report). These encumbered amounts need to be moved to another account. Is there a best practice workflow ...
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Handling serial encumbrances/payment

Our current practice in dealing with our large Ebsco journal invoice follows: 1. We have an order record for each journal. When the journal is first ordered, an order number is sent to Ebsco where it is attached to the correct journal title as...
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JOB OPENING: Cataloger/Electronic Resources Librarian (FULL-TIME) in NJ

Hello everyone, Job posting attached. The Morris Automated Information Network (MAIN) is a thriving, diverse nonprofit public library consortium located in Morris, Somerset and Warren Counties. MAIN’s chief charges are providing the ILS and techni...
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EDI/Quick Click Error Reporting

Our Acquisitions staff began EDI ordering & invoicing with Baker & Taylor a few months ago. They're using the vendor's TS360 & III's Quick Click process to download records into Sierra. They'll then see the order records in the Print/Send...
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Print/Send Orders

We have recently discoverd that the files found in the Print/Send Order Function haven't been deleted in years and it is impacting the functionality of Sierra. Is there any reason to keep all of these? If no, how far back would you keep? Thanks ...
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Order records randomly suppressed?

We have noticed recently that order records are coming in suppressed. It appears to be random and we cannot figure out what is causing it. Any ideas?...
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Ordering from Recorded Books using Sierra and EDI

When Recorded Books switched over to their new website earlier this summer we discovered that we could set up EDI ordering and EDI invoicing with them. I have been trying to do that, but have a few stumbling blocks. Recorded Books set up templates fo...
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downloading one-click MARC from Baker & Taylor problems

Last week I downloaded a file of brief bib records with order records from Baker & Taylor TS360 using their one-click MARC cart action. The file had 51 titles that were DVD and music CDs, but only 36 of them downloaded to Sierra. When I went to t...
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