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Workaround: Mac Millennium Client Crashing on Selection of New-Record Template

We recently found a workaround for an issue we were having when the Mac client was crashing upon selecting a template for new course record creation or select templates for new patron record creation. We are on Millennium 2014 2.0.4_5 running on Mac ...
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Millennium courtesy notices are frequently blocked for AT&T email addresses

We are self-hosted. For the past year, we've noticed that our emails from the Millennium server bounce back regularly, but only for patrons with an AT&T email address (@sbcglobal.net, @att.net, @pacbell.net). We check the server IP and domain aga...
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Are there any other Primo users in this forum?

Hello, At Durham University we have Millennium as our integrated library system and Primo (from ExLibris) as our discovery tool. We would like to know if there are any other Innovative customers (either Millennium or Sierra) who have also purchase...
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UTM Parameters Messing with Keyword Results List Bib Links

I’m trying to track usage on our kiosks with UTM parameters. However, we are finding that when using this URL for the home page: http://library.artcenter.edu/screens/opacmenu.html?utm_source=kiosk&utm_medium=hc1&utm_campaign=kiosks (The fo...
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Millennium Statistics Performance Load

We're considering opening access to our Millennium Statistics module to more staff (providing training, encouraging use) and so we are wondering about other libraries' experience with reports being run concurrently (vs consecutively). In Systems, ...
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inaccurate clear holdshelf report

We don't have a problem with items "falling off" the holdshelf--they stay on too long. When running the clear holdshelf report, there is sometimes a title that we cannot find on the physical shelf. It will be marked as onhold for a specif...
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SCIUG Conference Registration Open

Hello Southern California Innovative Users, Registration <http://sciug.wordpress.com/register/> is now open for the Southern California Innovative Users Group (SCIUG) 2016 Conference. SCIUG's annual conference will be held at Loyola Marym...
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All ports in use / 403 Forbidden No more logins available

Hi, Anyone else experience this? We recently upgraded Millennium (hosted server, Release 2011 1.6_5 to Release 2014 SP2) and soon after we began encountering the following problem with Millennium and the OPAC: Try to log in to M...
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Diacritics: Millennium vs Sierra

In Millennium, we have gotten used to having to check our diacritic displays in public mode (OPAC) rather than edit mode, as edit mode fonts don't support all diacritic modifications correctly. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in ...
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iii Response to Hosting Problems Friday, July 1

Marina Keating, SVP Services & Support, iii, asked me to post this for her yesterday: I am very sorry that a number of our libraries were impacted by a service issue we had at the Oakland data center yesterday. We are confident that we underst...
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Hosted systems connecting?

Hi. Are any other hosted systems having problems connecting today? We are on Millennium and getting the error that "The server is not responding." I didn't see any announcements on the Supportal, but I wasn't able to get through when I c...
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Millennium client on MacBook - installation help

Hi all, I am trying to install the Millennium client on my MacBook Pro and cannot get it working. I following the instructions on CSDirect and the installation seemed to work, at least I ended up with an icon on the desktop but it will not open...
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Circulation statistics in web management reports

I’m trying to use Millennium web reports for the first time for circulation statistics. Is there any kind of a work-around to get stats for one specific date more than three days past? “User specified date” appears to be for specific months, not dat...
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Millennium/Summon configuration

I am filling out a form in order to set up the sending of our records from Millennium to ProQuest's Summon. It asks for the MARC field that contains the bib record number, and also the MARC field (or leader position) that contains the delete code, w...
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