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OH-IUG 2018 How Sierra SQL Changed My Life

Attached is a PDF of my presentation at the Oct. 12, 2018 OH-IUG conference. Here's the description from the program: Even if you don't know much about SQL, you can do a lot with simple queries or things you get from other people. We'll show some...
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item call no in SQL showing up as blank

I am in the process of automating our circulation stats by call number and location. For some reason I am having some things not show up in my SQL query that are showing up in web management reports. I dumped everything with a checkout of yesterday t...
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Biggest stumbling blocks to learning Sierra SQL?

If you use SQL with Sierra -- or if you've tried -- what have you found to be the most difficult? That could be things that weren't obvious at first, things that are more difficult than expected, things that aren't well documented, or whatever. This ...
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Automating searches to find course reserve materials?

At the beginning of each semester, we get a list of required texts from the bookstore. Currently, the circulation staff manually searches each title to see if we own it so it can be put on course reserve. I have been asked to automate a comparison of...
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SQL to find permissions associated with item record change

Is there a way via SQL or any other way to see whose permissions are associated with changing an item record? For example, we would like to get a list of items where the status was changed in a particular time period. ajtaylor@scgov.net...
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Ideas for 2018 Hackathon

If you have an idea for hackathon 2018 please reply to this post with your idea. if you don't have an idea to share but saw an idea submitted by someone else that you like, please vote for it by clicking the Thumb up button. by next year we wil...
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stats of checkouts from holds

Hi all, Is it possible to find out if a circulation (checkout) has come from a filled hold? I don't see anything obvious in the circ_trans table. We want to try and find out how many circs come from holds for a specific portion of our patrons. ...
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SQL for multiple copies

Hello! I was wondering if anyone out there has a SQL query to identify when a branch has multiple copies of a title based on location code. For instance, we'd like to know when we have 2 or more copies of any adult non-fiction title at one partic...
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Teleforms Crashed. How do we find patrons?

How can I create list or use an SQL to retrieve patrons that should have been notified by teleforms between two dates?...
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