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tips for updating ERM URLs

Hello, It appears that there is no way to use global update to update URLs in ERM records. Am I correct in concluding that the only way to do this (barring using a vendor batch update) is to export the information, make the changes to the URLs, an...
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Altering/deleting fields that are green in Sierra coverage load check-in records

In Sierra, I need to change the URL in the 856 link in a check-in record from a record created by an ERM coverage load and the field is highlighted in green and will not let me delete or alter it. Any ideas why and how to make it so that I can manipu...
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Coverage Load issue in ERM

Good morning I am struggling to learn coverage loading and am having a new problem this morning and I wonder whether it might be related to our upgrade to Sierra 3.0. Last week I was downloading .csv files from KnowledgeBase, opening and proces...
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ERM and Knowledge Base : examples of any Public Library installations

Hello, Our library hopes to install ERM with Knowledge Base before the end of the year - and I was wondering if another Public Library has already done this. We want to use the product to highlight our EBSCO titles and populate our Overdrive titles....
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Automating usage stats in Sierra ERM

Hello, I am new to my position and interested in using Sierra's automated collection of usage statistics. Setting up the SUSHI parameters seems fairly straightforward but I'm getting stuck on the subsequent harvesting. When I try to export the sta...
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ERM and EBSCO holdings file -- split coverage

Hello, I'm fairly new to the ERM world. We've encountered a problem and I'm hoping someone has a solution. This may be something I need to work on with EBSCO, but perhaps someone else has found a different solution that they would not mind sharing. ...
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