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Hold Slips not printing

We have two computers on which hold slips are not printing. There are many other computers using the same Sierra login for which hold slips print fine which makes it seem as though there is nothing wrong with the application or login. We have tried g...
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Overdrive--Marc records--ematerials

Hi! What is the best way to get the Overdrive Marc records that Overdrive sends into Sierra? Previously, ours would open into Marc Notepad (WebClarity) and then we would save the file and do a Data Exchange in Sierra. However, we no longer have Ma...
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ERM and EBSCO holdings file -- split coverage

Hello, I'm fairly new to the ERM world. We've encountered a problem and I'm hoping someone has a solution. This may be something I need to work on with EBSCO, but perhaps someone else has found a different solution that they would not mind sharing. ...
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Supportal "uh oh" errors on the increase

Hi All, Over the last week or so we have encountered an increase in "uh oh" errors when we try to submit a new ticket in the Supportal. At first I thought my sessions had timed out but now I know from testing that it is not a timeout ...
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New posts for subscribed Categories not arriving in email for me

No new posts are arriving in my email unless I subscribed myself to New Questions somehow (but as a discussion?) At the bottom of the 1 NEW email I received, it states "This email was sent to you, because you have subscribed to the discussion.&...
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Not receiving emails for subscribed IUG groups

This morning I set up subscriptions by email for 3 sections: The Sierra/Millennium/Encore; the Announcements; and the Forum Help. When subscribing, I set the email preference digest to "daily". I then had 3 separate listings. At some po...
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We created a new Category "Forum Feedback and Help"

Hi All, Thanks for your suggestion, we created a new Category, this is the place where you can post your feedback regarding the forum, also if you have any questions or need help please post your question under this category, other users might fin...
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