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subfields $0 and $1 to add URI-s

Hi, We are looking for the libraries who are using or have tried to start using subfields $0 and $1 to add URI-s into the authority and bibliographic records in Sierra. As we want to take this step as well, we would like to discuss about the tips ...
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Authority Control Vendors

Hello, We are about to bid out for an authority control vendor. Can some of you tell me who you like, how the process went with them, problems/solutions after finishing, etc? Any other advice?? Feel free to email me personally if you don't want t...
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With Our Powers Combined! Bringing Technical Services & Access Services Together to Create Name Authority Records

The Othmer Library is a NACO library. During cataloging we found that a quite a few names in our collections don't have entries in the NAF. Creating authority records has changed with RDA creating new opportunities. These rules allow for more biograp...
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